Charles Dumont de Sainte-Croix

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Charles Henri Frédéric Dumont de Sainte-Croix (27 April 1758 – 8 January 1830) was a French zoologist.

Charles Dumont de Sainte-Croix (1758–1830)

A lawyer by trade, he was also an enthusiastic amateur ornithologist.[1] Between 1817 and 1818, he described a number of Javanese bird species discovered by Jean Baptiste Leschenault de la Tour;[1] he also contributed articles on ornithology to the Dictionnaire des sciences naturelles, edited and published from 1816–1830 by F. G. Levrault.[2]

Dumont de Sainte-Croix's daughter, Clémence married René-Primevère Lesson, a surgeon and noted French naturalist.[3]

His younger brother, André Dumont was elected to the Convention during the French Revolution.


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