Charles, Duke of Aumale

Charles of Guise, duc d'Aumale (25 January 1555 – 1631, Brussels) was the son of Claude, Duke of Aumale and Louise de Brézé.

Charles, Duke of Aumale


One of the leaders of the Catholic League, he was at times governor of Picardy and Grand Veneur of France. He led a rebellion in Picardy in 1587, a prelude to open war between the House of Guise and Henry III of France. He was defeated at the Battle of Senlis on 17 May 1589 by the allied forces of Henry III and Henry of Navarre. Captured by Henry of Navarre at the Battle of Ivry, he died in exile.


He married Marie of Lorraine, daughter of René, Marquis of Elbeuf and Louise de Rieux. The princess was known as Mademoiselle d'Elbeuf, derived from her fathers title. The couple married at the Château de Joinville on 10 November 1576, by whom he had five children:

  • Charles (b. December 1580), d. young
  • Henri, d. young
  • Marguerite, d. young
  • Anne (1600 – 10 February 1638), Duchess of Aumale, married on 18 April 1618 Henry I Duke de Nemours
  • Marie, married Ambrosio, Marquis of Spinola in 1615
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Duke of Aumale
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with Henri I, Duke of Nemours