Charities Act 2011

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The Charities Act 2011 (c 25) is a UK Act of Parliament. It consolidated the bulk of the Charities Act 2006, outstanding provisions of the Charities Act 1993, and various other enactments.[1]

Charities Act 2011
Act of Parliament
Long titleAn Act to consolidate the Charities Act 1993 and other enactments which relate to charities.
Citation2011 c. 25
Introduced byBaroness Verma
Territorial extentEngland & Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Royal assent14 December 2011
Status: Amended
Text of statute as originally enacted


Legislation repealed in its entirety by the 2011 Act include the Recreational Charities Act 1958, Charities Act 1993, Charities (Amendment) Act 1995, Charities Act 1993 (Substitution of Sums) Order 1995, Charities Act 2006 (Charitable Companies Audit and Group Accounts Provisions) Order 2008, and Charities (Pre-consolidation Amendments) Order 2011. Amendments were made to other legislation.[2] It replaces most of the Charities Act 1992 and Charities Act 2006.[3]

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