Chariot (Chinese constellation)

The Chariot mansion (simplified Chinese: 轸宿; traditional Chinese: 軫宿; pinyin: Zhěn Xiù) is one of the Twenty-Eight Mansions of the Chinese constellations.[1] It is one of the southern mansions of the Vermilion Bird.[2]

Zhěn Xiù map


English name Chinese name European constellation Number of stars
Chariot Corvus 4
Changsha 長沙 Corvus 1
Left Linchpin 左轄 Corvus 1
Right Linchpin 右轄 Corvus 1
Green Hill 青丘 Hydra 7
Military Gate 軍門 Hydra 2
Master of Constructions 土司空 Hydra 4
House for Musical Instruments 器府 Centaurus 32


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