Charcot Land

Charcot Land is a peninsula of Eastern Greenland, part of the Scoresby Sound system. It lies in the Northeast Greenland National Park zone.

Charcot Land
Greenland-northwest-fjord hg.jpg
View of the Daugaard-Jensen Glacier at the head of Nordvestfjord. The shady mountain slope on the right is part of Charcot Land.
Charcot Land is located in Greenland
Charcot Land
Charcot Land
LocationEast Greenland
Coordinates72°15′N 29°0′W / 72.250°N 29.000°W / 72.250; -29.000Coordinates: 72°15′N 29°0′W / 72.250°N 29.000°W / 72.250; -29.000
Adjacent bodies of water
Length35 km (21.7 mi)
Width20 km (12 mi)
Highest elevation1,553 m (5,095 ft)
Greenland (Denmark)
ZoneNE Greenland National Park

The area is remote and uninhabited. It was named after French Polar explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot (1867–1936) during aerial surveys by Lauge Koch as part of the Three-year Expedition to East Greenland.


Charcot Land is a mountainous region. It is bound to the south by the Daugaard-Jensen Glacier, beyond which lies Hinksland. To the north lies the F. Graae Glacier and to the east the head of the Nordvestfjord, its easternmost point being a headland named Kap Ursus Major.[1]

To the west are a number of nunataks and the Greenland ice sheet.[2]


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