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Tribes of Epirus in antiquity.

Chaonia or Chaon (Greek Χαονία or Χάων) was the name of the northwestern part of Epirus, the homeland of the Epirote tribe of the Chaonians.[1][2] Its main town was called Phoenice. According to Virgil, Chaon was the eponymous ancestor of the Chaonians.[3]



Strabo in his Geography,[4] places Chaonia between the Ceraunian mountains in the north and the River Thyamis in the south. The Roman historian, Appian, mentions Chaonia as the southern border in his description and geography of Illyria.[5]

Important cities in Chaonia included Chimaera (modern Himarë), Buthrotum, Phoenice, Panormos, Onchesmus (today Saranda) and Antigonia.


In Vigil's Aeneid, Aeneas visits Chaonia and meets Andromache and Helenus. He is told he must continue on to Italy, and instructed to meet the Sibyl concerning a more specific prophecy as to Aeneas's destiny.[6]

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