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Changyon County

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Changyŏn County is a county in South Hwanghae province, North Korea.

Changyŏn County
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja 長淵郡
 • McCune-Reischauer Changyŏn-gun
 • Revised Romanization Jangyeon-gun
Location of Changyŏn County
Country North Korea
Province South Hwanghae Province
Administrative divisions 1 ŭp, 1 rodongjagu, 19 ri



Changyŏn is bordered to the north by Kwail and Songhwa, to the east by Samch'ŏn and T'aet'an, to the south by Ryongyŏn, and to the west by the Yellow Sea. Most of the land in Changyŏn is composed of flat plains, with mountains forming its borders. The highest point is Mt. Pult'a, at 609 meters (1,998 ft).[1]


Changyŏn county was created under the Yi dynasty. Chaeryŏng was briefly merged into the newly formed Hwanghae District in 1895 during an experimental redistricting, but was restored to its previous form in 1896. The county's current form was settled in the 1952 redistricting changes, when the entire south of the county was split away to form Ryongyŏn county. In 1956 it became part of South Hwanghae Province when the former Hwanghae Province was split.


The county is served by the Changyŏn Line of the Korean State Railway, which stops at Ragyŏn and Changyŏn stations. There is also a highway which runs through Changyŏn-ŭp.

Administrative divisionsEdit

The county is divided into one town (ŭp), 1 Worker's District (rodongjagu) and 19 villages (ri).[2]

Chosŏn'gŭl Hancha
Changyŏn-ŭp 장연읍
Ragyŏ-lodongjagu 락연노동자 勞動者
Ch'angp'a-ri 창파읍
Ch'ŏnggye-ri 청계읍
Ch'uhwa-ri 추화읍
Haeal-li 해안리
Hakrim-ri 학림리
Hwawŏl-li 화원리
Kŭmsa-ri 금사리
Kwangch'ŏl-li 광천리
Myŏngch'ŏl-li 명천리
Nulsal-li 눌산리
Paksal-li 샘물리 샘물
Rakhŭng-ri 락흥리
Saemmul-li 산천리 山川
Samsal-li 삼산리
Sanch'ŏl-li 산천리 山川
Sansu-ri 산수리 山水
Sema-ri 세마리
Sŏkchang-ri 석장리
Sŏnjŏng-ri 선정리

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