Changwon Hwang clan

Changwon Hwang clan (Korean창원 황씨; Hanja昌原 黃氏) is a Korean clan. With its bon-gwan in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, it remains the largest Hwang clan in South Korea.

Changwon Hwang clan
Current regionChangwon
FounderHwang Yang chung [ja]
Hwang Chung jun [ja]
Hwang Seok gi [ja]


Hwang Rak (hanja: 黄洛), a minister in the Han dynasty, began the clan in Korea after being cast ashore on his way to Vietnam in 28 CE and then being naturalized in Silla. Their founder was Hwang Seok gi [ja], Hwang Chung jun [ja] and Hwang Yang chung [ja], who were descendants of Hwang Rak.[1][2]

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