Chang Mi-hee is a South Korean actress.[1] She was born Lee Yun-hui in Seoul, South Korea in 1958. Chang debuted as an actress in 1976 as starring in Seong Chun-hyang jeon directed by Park Tae-won and TBC TV drama, Haenyeo Dang-sil (Sea Woman Dang-sil).[2] Chang was commonly referred to as "New Troika" or "Second Troika" along with her rival actresses, Jeong Yun-hui and Yu Ji-in of the 1970s and 1980s after the "First Troika", Moon Hee, Nam Jeong-im, and Yoon Jeong-hee of the 1960s.[3]

Chang Mi-hee
Chang in October 2008
Born1958 (age 64–65)
Seoul, South Korea
Years active1976–present
Korean name
Revised RomanizationJang Mi-hui
McCune–ReischauerChang Mihŭi

Filmography edit

Film edit

*Note; the whole list is referenced.[4]

Year English title Korean title Role
1976 Seong Chun-Hyang 성춘향전 Seong Chunhyang
1977 Winter Woman 겨울여자 I-hwa
1978 A Seashore Village 갯마을
The Home of Stars 별들의 고향 (속)
1979 Night Markets 야시
The Trumpeter 나팔수
Neumi 느미 Neumi
Vicious Woman 순악질여사
1980 The Bird of Fire 불새
Spring Rain in Winter 겨울에 내리는 봄비
Colorful Woman 색깔있는 여자
She Is Something 그 여자 사람잡네
The Wooden Horse that Went to Sea 바다로 간 목마
Winter Love 겨울사랑
Woman I Abandoned II 내가 버린 여자 2
1981 Three Times Each for Short and Long Ways 세번은 짧게 세번은 길게
Last Stop 종점
The Shaolin Drunken Monk 취팔권 광팔권
Brother Kim Du-han and Brother Sirasoni] 김두한형 시라소니형
Let's Meet in the Sad Season 슬픈 계절에 만나요
A Battle Journal 종군수첩
Whale Island Escapade 고래섬 소동
1982 Sweet as Honey 꿀맛
Night of a Sorceress 무녀의 밤
Lover 애인
The Swamp of Desire 욕망의 늪
Idiot in the Forest 숲속의 바보
1983 The Flower at the Equator 적도의 꽃
Love and Farewell 사랑 그리고 이별
Can't Forget the First Love 첫사랑은 못잊어
Three Days and Three Nights 삼일낮 삼일밤
1985 Deep Blue Night 깊고 푸른 밤 Jane
1986 Hwang Jin-ie 황진이
1988 Holy Night 성야
1989 Country of Fire 불의 나라 Jeong Eun-ha
1991 Death Song 사의 찬미 Yun Sim-deok
1996 Anniquin 애니깽 Guk-hui
1997 Father 아버지 Yeong-sin
2003 Season In the Sun 보리울의 여름 A mother superior
2008 Dream 비몽 Doctor (cameo)
2017 Claire's Camera 클레어의 카메라 Nam Yang-hye

Television series edit

This list is incomplete

Year Title Role
2000 Mom and Sister Han Young-sook
2003 A Problem at My Younger Brother's House Yeon-ji
2004 First Love of a Royal Prince Cha Mi-hee
2005 That Summer's Typhoon Jung Mi-ryung
2006 A Woman's Choice Kim Chang-ok
2008 Mom's Dead Upset Ko Eun-ah
2010 Life Is Beautiful Jo Ah-ra
2012 Here Comes Mr. Oh Jang Baek-ro
Fashion King Jo Soon-hee
2013 The Eldest Lee Sil
2014 Cheongdam-dong Scandal
The Noblesse Hong Sun-joo
2015 Unkind Women Jang Mo-ran
2016 Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist Bae Mi-ran
2017 Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me Jang Baek-hee
2018 Marry Me Now Lee Mi-yeon
2022–2023 Three Bold Siblings Jang Se-ran[5]

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References edit

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