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Chandrasen Rathore (r. 1562–1581) was an Indian ruler of Marwar, which was later known as Jodhpur (in the present day Rajasthan state of India). He was the third son of Maldeo Rathore, who broke the Rajput tradition of primogeniture by naming Chandrasen as his successor. Chandrasen followed his fathers policy and stayed hostile to the ruling foreign powers in India. He defended his kingdom for nearly two decades against relentless attacks from the Mughal Empire.[1]

Chandrasen Rathore
Ruler of Marwar (now Jodhpur)
Reign 7 November 1562 – 1581
Predecessor Maldeo Rathore
Successor Udai Singh
Dynasty Rathore
Father Maldeo Rathore


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  • 7 November 1562- Chandrasen inherited a weak and crumbling kingdom from his father Maldev Rathore. Chandrasens brothers oppose Chandrasen for the throne.
  • In 1563 Chandrasen defeated his brother Ram Singh, who went to Hussain Quli Begh to support his claim. (Mughal governor of Nagaur)
  • Hussain Quli Begh attacks Jodhpur. After 7 months of siege Chandrasen is forced to retreat to Jhalore.
  • In 1570 Akbar hosted the Nagaur durbar, Chandrasen attends the court but leaves without the permission of the emperor after disagreeing to his demands.
  • In 1572 Akbar sends Rai Singh of Bikaner to capture Siwana, the powerful fort of Siwana which served as Chandrasen's capital was captured by the Mughals after 8 months of siege. Chandrasen was hunted relentlessly, until he finally retreated to Mewar.

According to Dalpat Vilas: Rai Singh and Shah Quli Khan were assigned the task of capturing Siwana. The fort was being defended by Fateh, brother-in-law of Rai Singh's minister, Karam Chand Bachhawat. He allowed supplies into the fort and sabotaged the siege. Meanwhile, Rai Singh's brother, Ram Singh defeated Chandrasen of Jodhpur at the battle of Kulanja valley. Akbar sent Shahbaz Khan to Siwana and instructed Rai Singh to return to the court. Shahbaz Khan cut off the supplies and captured the fort.

  • In Mewar, Chandrasen helped the Maharana to punish the rajput chiefs of Banswara and Dungarpur. A battle took place near river Som in which the Maharana was victorious, and both the chiefs temporarily accepted the Maharana's suzerainty.
  • In 1573 Chandrasen attacked a Mughal army in Ajmer but was defeated by Payan Muhammad Khan.
  • Akbar sent Jalaal Khan to Marwar but Jalaal Khan was killed by Chandrasen after which no expeditions were sent against Chandrasen for a few years.
  • In 1576 Akbar sent Shahbaaz Khan, but he too fails to capture Chandrasen. Chandrasen decides to make Sojat his capital, he used the hills of sarand to continue his guerilla warfare against the Mughals.
  • In 1581 Chandrasen Died in Sojat.

Preceded by
Maldeo Rathore
Rulers of Marwar (Jodhpur)
The Rathore Dynasty

7 November 1562 – 1565
Succeeded by
Udai Singh


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