Chandragrohon: The Lunar Eclipse (Bengali: চন্দ্রগ্রহণ) is a Bangladeshi film based on a short story written by Indian Bengali author Syed Mustafa Siraj.[1] The film was released 2008 and younger director Murad Parvez first time directed the film.[2] The film features Riaz, Sohana Saba, and Champa in lead roles along with Shahiduzzaman Selim, KS Firoz, Dilara Zaman, Kohinur, Gazi Rakayet, Azom Faruk and Kazi Riton in supporting roles. In 2008, the film won three National Film Awards and including other four awards.[3][4]

Chandra Grohon.jpeg
Chandragrohon DVD cover
Directed byMurad Parvez
Written bySyed Mustafa Siraj
Produced byAzom Faruk
CinematographyMahfuzur Rahman Khan
Edited byTawfiq Hossain Chowdhury
Music by
Release date
  • 29 November 2008 (2008-11-29)


A mad woman (Champa) lived near the Marwari Ghat. People from the market had physical relationship with her at nights. As a result, she became pregnant. Moyra Masi (Dilara Zaman) starts to look after her in this circumstances. One rainy night, she gives birth a little girl and after four years she(champa) died. Moyra Masi looks after the little girl. The girl (Sohana Saba) does not get any name and so everyone calls her Falani.



Soundtrack album by
Habib Wahid and Emon Saha
GenreFilm soundtrack
ProducerLaser Vision
Habib Wahid chronology
Amar Ache Jol
Third Person Singular Number

Chandragrohon film songs were composed by Habib Wahid and Imon Saha.[1] The film Song written by Kabir Bakul, Jewel Mahmud, Mohammad Rafiquzzaman, and Arko Mostofa. There is total 11 songs in the film.[5] Singers are Habib Wahid, Samina Chowdhury, Nancy, Dinat Jahan Munni and Subir Nandi.

Song listEdit

Track Song Singers Notes
1 "Tomare Dekhilo" Habib Wahid and Nancy
2 "Moner Jore Cholse Deho" Habib Wahid
3 "De Dol De Dola" Dinat Jahan Munni
4 "Kon Shohore Jabi" Samina Chowdhury
5 "Kon Banshori" Dinat Jahan Munni
6 "Eker Sathe Ek Mile" Bari Siddiqui
7 "De Dula De" (male) Emon Saha
8 "Ayre Sokhi Boron Kori" Subir Nandi
9 "Dour" S I Tutul
10 "Agun Jole R Nive Na" S I Tutul
11 "Jibon Mane Jongi Joddho" S I Tutul


Rainbow Film FestivalEdit

  • The winner of the 2009 Best Movies[6]

National Film AwardsEdit

Chandragrohon won National Film Award and also other four awards totally seven sections.

  • Won Best Director - Murad Parvez
  • Won Best Dialogue - Murad Parvez
  • Won Best Screenwriter - Murad Parvez
  • Won Best Producer - Azom Faruk
  • Won Best Music Director - Imon Saha and Habib Wahid
  • Won Best Actress in a Supporting Role - Champa and Dilara Jaman
  • Won Best Actor in a Negative Role - Jahirauddn Peer[7]

Meril Prothom Alo AwardsEdit

Chandragrohon won two Meril Prothom Alo Awards:

Bacasasa Film and Culture AwardEdit

  • Won: Best Film - Azom Faruk[9]

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