Chamcook, New Brunswick

Chamcook (/ʃæmˈkʊk/ sham-KUUK)[1] is a community in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.[2] It is situated in Saint Andrews, a parish of Charlotte County.[3] It lies between the eastern bank of Chamcook Lake and the western edge of Passamaquoddy Bay.[4]

Chamcook is located in New Brunswick
Location of Chamcook in New Brunswick

Coordinates: 45°07′35″N 67°04′18″W / 45.126389°N 67.071667°W / 45.126389; -67.071667

"Many meanings have been given, but none are certain." (Ganong). May refer to a harbour with a narrow entrance.[5]


Chamcook was founded in 1785. Its location on Passamaquoddy Bay made fishing and shipbuilding two important industries to the local economy, though the community also depended on agriculture as did many surrounding villages in New Brunswick.

In terms of rail transport, Chamcook was served by the New Brunswick Railway and later the Canadian Pacific Railway.[3]

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