Chaicayán Group

Chaicayán Group is a group of poorly defined sedimentary rock strata found in Taitao Peninsula in the west coast of Patagonia. The commones rock types are siltstone and sandstone. Conglomerate occur but is less common.[1]

Chaicayán Group
Stratigraphic range: Miocene
OverliesMetamorphic basement
PrimarySandstone, siltstone
RegionAysén Region
Country Chile
Type section
Named byForsythe et al., 1985

Study of fossils and uranium–lead dating of detrital zircons indicate a Miocene age, at least for the upper sequences. The Chaicayán Group deposited likely as a result of a marine transgression that drowned much of Patagonia and Central Chile in the Late Oligocene and Miocene.[1]

The group is intruded by porphyritic stocks and sills of Pliocene age.[1]

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