Chacraraju[5][1][6][7] or Chakraraju[8] (possibly from Quechua chakra little farm; field, land sown with seed, rahu snow, ice, mountain with snow)[9][10][11] is a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca range in the Andes of Peru. The mountain has two distinctive peaks: Chacraraju Oeste (west summit; 6,108 metres (20,039 ft)) and Chacraraju Este (east summit; 6,001 metres (19,688 ft)).[8] Chacraraju is located in Huaylas Province, Ancash; south and southeast of Pirámide and east of Lake Parón.[5][12] The peak is accessible from the Pisco base camp at Cebollapampa.[1]

Highest point
Elevation6,108 m (20,039 ft)[1]
Prominence2,855 m (9,367 ft)[2]
Parent peakHuandoy
Coordinates8°59′36″S 77°36′54″W / 8.993261°S 77.614975°W / -8.993261; -77.614975
Chacraraju is located in Peru
Location in Peru
Parent rangeCordillera Blanca, Andes
First ascentChacraraju Oeste: Lionel Terray et al (31 July 1956) - Chacraraju Este: Lionel Terray et al. 5 August 1962[3][4]

Chacraraju is considered the steepest and the most difficult-to-climb six-thousander in the Andes.[13] A French expedition led by Lionel Terray first climbed the mountain on 31 July 1956 (Chakrarahu Oeste) and on 5 August 1962 (Chakrarahu Este) using what have since become the normal routes (northeast face and northeast ridge). Greg Mortimer was badly injured during a later attempt to climb the mountain.[14]

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