Chōjin Sentai Jetman

Chōjin Sentai Jetman (鳥人戦隊ジェットマン, Chōjin Sentai Jettoman)[Note 1] is a Japanese tokusatsu television series produced by Toei Company and Bandai. It is the fifteenth entry of the Super Sentai metaseries, following the previous series Chikyu Sentai Fiveman. The series aired on TV Asahi on February 15, 1991 to February 14, 1992, with a total of 51 episodes. It is the first Sentai series where the Blue and Yellow Rangers switch genders in the three male/two female team (the male wears yellow and the female wears blue), which would not occur again until Mahou Sentai Magiranger. It is also the last Sentai series until Ressha Sentai ToQger to not get adapted into a Power Rangers series.

Chōjin Sentai Jetman
Title Screen
Superhero fiction
Science fiction
Created byToei
Written byToshiki Inoue
Kenichi Araki
Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Naruhisa Arakawa
Kunio Fujii
Mami Watanabe
Takahiko Masuda
Directed byKeita Amemiya
Kiyoshi Arai
Shohei Tojo
Taro Sakamoto
Masao Minowa
StarringKōtarō Tanaka
Rika Kishida
Tomihisa Naruse
Sayuri Uchida
Toshihide Wakamatsu
Narrated byTsutomu Tareki
Opening theme"Chōjin Sentai Jetman" (鳥人戦隊ジェットマン, Chōjin Sentai Jettoman) by Hironobu Kageyama
Ending theme"The Heart is an Egg" (こころはタマゴ, Kokoro wa Tamago) by Hironobu Kageyama
Composer(s)Kazuhiko Toyama
Country of originJapan
Original language(s)Japanese
No. of episodes51
Producer(s)Atsushi Kaji
Takeyuki Suzuki
Kyōzō Utsunomiya
Running timeapprox. 25 minutes
Original networkTV Asahi
Original releaseFebruary 15, 1991 –
February 14, 1992
Preceded byChikyu Sentai Fiveman
Followed byKyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Shout! Factory released Jetman in North America on September 25, 2018. This is the 10th Super Sentai to be released in North America and the first one that is non-Power Rangers adapted.


This series takes place in 199X.[Note 2] On the Earth Ship, the command center of a defence agency called Sky Force, the guardians of peace on Earth, scientists have developed "Birdonic Waves", a newly developed technology which gives the subject superhuman abilities. Experiments called "J-Project" were successful. Aya Odagiri, the director of the project, chooses five elite Sky Force officials from Earth to use this technology. Ryuu Tendou, one of the Sky Force officers, is successfully exposed to the Birdonic Waves, making him the first Jetman, the Red Hawk.

However, the Earth Ship is suddenly attacked by Vyram, an evil outer-dimensional organization bent on inter-dimensional domination. They successfully destroy the ship, apparently killing Ryuu's lover and fellow candidate member Rie. In the chaos, the remaining Birdonic Waves for the other four officials become scattered on Earth, hitting four civilians. Odagiri and Tendou successfully escape and begin searching on Earth for the four remaining Jetmen, training them to aid them in stopping Vyram's plans of conquering their dimension.

The series later follows the tribulations of Ryuu as he learns of Rie's survival and enlistment in the Vyram forces, as well as a love triangle between Gai, Ryuu, and Kaori.


Earth Defence Force Sky ForceEdit

Earth Defence Force Sky Force (地球防衛軍スカイフォース, Chikyū Bōeigun Sukai Fōsu) is the military organization the Jetmen belong to.


Based at the Sky Camp (スカイキャンプ, Sukai Kyanpu), a high-tech base provided by the Sky Force, the Jetman team is formed by five persons who gain superhuman strength through exposure to Birdonic Waves. Each Jetman is equipped with a wing suit uniform called the Birdonic Suit that allows them to glide in the air, a right-hand gauntlet called Wing Gauntlet, a combat sword called "Bringer Sword", and a handgun called "Bird Blaster".

Ryuu TendouEdit

Ryuu Tendou (天堂 竜, Tendō Ryū)/Red Hawk (レッドホーク, Reddo Hōku): Born at May 10, 1965. He is 25 years old at the beginning of the series, but turns 26 in episode 13. He is originally a Sky Force soldier codenamed "W6" and leader of the Jetmen. Being the only member of the Jetman team who is actually of military background, his policy is to be always professional and never let feelings affect himself in battle, and he expects the same from his teammates. This leads to a conflict when he discovers that his beloved Rie has become Maria, eventually coming to terms with the revelation as he resolves to save Rie from the Vyram control. However, Maria's death at the hands of his nemesis Radiguet proves to be the last straw, causing him to challenge Radiguet alone before Kaori consoles Ryuu and encourages him to stay true to his own belief in justice rather than revenge. Three years later, Ryuu marries Kaori and the two have a son, whom they name after their late teammate, Gai.[citation needed]

  • Attacks: Wing Punch (ウイングパンチ, Uingu Panchi)

Ryuu Tendou is portrayed by Kotaro Tanaka (田中 弘太郎, Tanaka Kotaro).

Kaori RokumeikanEdit

Kaori Rokumeikan (鹿鳴館 香, Rokumeikan Kaori)/White Swan (ホワイトスワン, Howaito Suwan): The 22-year-old heiress of the Rokumeikan Enterprises empire. She is taken care of by her butler, Jiiya, since her parents live in New York City. She joined the Jetmen to escape the boredom of her heiress life. She is good at Kendo and is the best shot in Jetman. Kaori was in the middle of a love triangle with Ryuu and Gai, learning through hardships brought on by her new profession what a spoiled rich girl she was and what are truly important to herself. She was once engaged to a wealthy businessman named Soichiro Kitaoji and was close to marrying him, but she quickly ended their relationship when she saw his selfishness in contrast to her team's selfless determination as warriors of justice. She does sometimes use her wealth to help the team, like when she purchased a large amount of diamonds and other jewels to try and snap Ako out of the curse of the dimensional monster Red Diamond. At the end of the series, she marries Ryuu and they have a son named after their late teammate, Gai.

  • Attacks: Storm Wing (ストームウィング, Sutōmu Wingu), Swannie Attack (スワニーアタック, Suwanī Atakku), Double Kick (with Yellow Owl).

Kaori Rokumeikan is portrayed by Rika Kishida (岸田 里佳, Kishida Rika).

Raita OishiEdit

Raita Oishi (大石 雷太, Ōishi Raita)/Yellow Owl (イエローオウル, Ierō Ōru): A 22-year-old large-framed, eyeglasses-wearing nature lover who enjoys vegetables, Raita hates Vyram for their destruction of nature. He was raised by his grandmother, Kiyo Ōishi, because Raita's parents were busy developing a career running a restaurant. He harbors a crush for Kaori, vowing to be there for her even if he has no chance with her, although eventually his ultimate subject of affection turns out to be his childhood friend, Satsuki. As Yellow Owl, he specializes in raw strength techniques like head butts, body blows, sumo-based techniques, and hurling boulders. Three years after Vyram is defeated, he runs a farm with Satsuki and later takes their business to the next level via the internet.

  • Attacks: Rock Drop (岩石落とし, Ganseki Otoshi), Deadly Thrust (必殺つっぱり, Hissatsu Tsuppari), Condor Owl Howling Attack, Double Kick (ダブルキック, Daburu Kikku) (with White Swan).

Raita Oishi is portrayed by Ikko Tadano (ただの いっこ, Tadano Ikko) (Credited under Tomihisa Naruse (成瀬 富久, Naruse Tomihisa)).

Ako HayasakaEdit

Ako Hayasaka (早坂 アコ, Hayasaka Ako)/Blue Swallow (ブルースワロー, Burū Suwarō): An 18-year-old senior student at Miharakita High School, Ako was a bright and cheerful girl who wants to marry a rich man. She first thought of being a Jetman as just a high-paying job, but her first battle helps her sense of justice take hold and made her realize that she must use her newfound power to protect Earth. She is best friends with her classmate, Kyōko, who learned of her true identity during the voice Jigen incident. From the Gomi Jigen incident, the monster being her childhood toy Pootan, Ako learns of how wasteful humans can be. She debuts as an idol singer three years after the fall of Vyram.

  • Attacks: Swallow Dash (スワローダーッシュ, Suwarō Dāsshu).

Ako Hayasaka is portrayed by Sayuri Uchida (内田 さゆり, Uchida Sayuri).

Gai YuukiEdit

Gai Yuuki (結城 凱, Yūki Gai)/Black Condor (ブラックコンドル, Burakku Kondoru): The 25-year-old second-in-command of the Jetmen, a loner who hates being told what to do. Gai loves challenges and risks, and is a womanizer and an avid if occasional gambler. Gai's fighting styles are street fighting and mixed martial arts: his combat skills match Ryuu's, though he fights dirty and hits below the belt sometimes. He initially clashes with the straight-laced Ryuu when drafted against his will but eventually comes to respect Ryuu's largely-principled disposition (Ryuu falters only over the issue of his lost girlfriend, something Gai, being a womanizer, can sympathize with), ultimately becoming friends with him. He loves Kaori and often tries to flirt with her, leading to much frustration due to his initially-unreciprocated feelings. When she finally accepts him, they frequently have problems in their relationship as they are too different. He later develops a rivalry with Vyram general Grey. He defeated Grey in their final encounter, in which a part of his helmet was damaged. Years after the defeat of Vyram, while buying a bouquet for Ryuu and Kaori's wedding, Gai intervenes in a mugging incident and is stabbed in the stomach for the trouble. He makes it to the church after the wedding party and talks to Ryuu before he dies of his wound, satisfied that everyone he cares for has found happiness. Ryuu and Kaori name their son after him.

  • Attacks: Condor Finish (コンドルフィニッシュ, Kondoru Finisshu), Condor Owl Howling Attack (コンドルオウルタワーリングアタック, Kondoru Ōru Hauringu Atakku).

Gai Yuuki is portrayed by Toshihide Wakamatsu (若松 俊秀, Wakamatsu Toshihide).


  • Cross Changer (クロスチェンジャー, Kurosu Chenjā): The transformation bracelet, worn on the right wrist. They transform by shouting the device's name and pressing a bird shaped button on the bracelet.
  • Corresponder (コレスポンダー, Koresupondā): The communication device for the team. It contains an icon representing each member's respective bird which can be placed in the "Bird Lock" (バードロック, Bādo Rokku) on the control console of the Jetmen's mecha to form Jet Ícarus. It is worn on the left wrist.
  • Jet Hand Cannons (ジェットハンドカノン, Jetto Hando Kanon): A combination of the Bird Blaster and Bringer Sword. With it, the Jetmen can execute the Bird Bomber (バードボンバー, Bādo Bonbā) team attack.
    • Bird Blasters (バードブラスター, Bādo Burasutā): Standard sidearm weapons.
    • Bringer Swords (ブリンガーソード, Buringā Sōdo): Longswords used by the Jetmen.
  • Beak Smashers (ビークスマッシャー, Bīku Sumasshā): Advanced guns with seeker lasers.
  • Smash Bombers (スマッシュボンバー, Sumasshu Bonbā): A combination of the Bird Blaster and Beak Smasher. With it, the Jetmen can execute a team attack of the same name.
  • Wing Gauntlet (ウィングガントレット, Wingu Gantoretto): Gauntlets equipped with electrowaves, used to perform Wing Punch (ウイングパンチ, Uingu Panchi). It can also fire Wing Beams (ウィングビーム, Wingu Bīmu).


  • Jet Striker (ジェットストライカー, Jetto Sutoraikā): Red Hawk's buggy, transforms into Fire Bazooka (ファイアバズーカ, Faiā Bazūka). Its maximum speed is 500 kilometers per hour.
  • Jet Bouncer (ジェットバンサー, Jetto Bansā): A Toyota Hilux four-wheel drive used by Yellow Owl and White Swan. Its maximum speed is 400 kilometers per hour.
  • Jet Speeders (ジェットスピーダー, Jetto Supīdā): Black Condor and Blue Swallow's motorcycles. Its maximum speed is 360 kilometers per hour.


  • Jet Icarus (ジェットイカロス, Jetto Ikarosu):[Note 3] A giant robo formed with all five Jet Machine fighter jets by the command "Fusion! Scramble Wing" (合体! スクラムウイング, Gattai! Sukuramu Uingu). It destroys monsters using the Birdonic Saber (バードニックセイバー, Bādonikku Seibā). Its other weapons are the Shot Puncher (ショットパンチャー, Shotto Panchā), Icarus Crusher, Icarus Axe (イカロスアックス, Icaros Akkusu), Icarus Magna (イカロスマグナ, Ikarosu Maguna), Jet Lancer (ジェットランサー, Jetto Ransā), Jet Dagger (ジェットダガー, Jetto Dagā), and the Wing Shield (ウィングシールド, Wingu Shīrudo). It can reform into the Icarus Haken (イカロスハーケン, Ikarosu Hāken) when the command of "Fusion! Jet Scramble" (合体! ジェットスクラム, Gattai! Jetto Sukuramu) is given, and its ultimate attack is the Jet Phoenix (ジェットフェニックス, Jetto Fenikkusu).
    • Jet Hawk (ジェットホーク, Jetto Hōku): Red Hawk's individual Jet Machine. It forms the frontal section of the Icarus Haken, the head and chest of the Jet Icarus, and the head and the center of the chest of the Great Icarus. Despite it being somewhat destroyed, it appears again in Gaoranger vs Super Sentai.
    • Jet Condor (ジェットコンドル, Jetto Kondoru): Black Condor's individual Jet Machine. It forms the right rudder of the Icarus Haken, the left leg of the Jet Icarus, and the left upper leg of the Great Icarus.
      • It was repainted and renamed Jet Eagle (ジェットイーグル, Jetto Īguru) after Green Eagle (Jeffrey Kensaki) replaced the slain Black Condor in the manga.
    • Jet Owl (ジェットオウル, Jetto Ōru): Yellow Owl's individual Jet Machine. It forms the right wing of the Icarus Haken, the right arm of the Jet Icarus, and the right upper arm of the Great Icarus.
    • Jet Swan (ジェットスワン, Jetto Suwan): White Swan's individual Jet Machine. It forms the left rudder of the Icarus Haken, the right leg of the Jet Icarus, and the right upper leg of the Great Icarus.
    • Jet Swallow (ジェットスワロー, Jetto Suwarō): Blue Swallow's individual Jet Machine. It forms the left wing of the Icarus Haken, the left arm of the Jet Icaros and the Wing Shield from its Wing Cutter, and the left upper arm of the Great Icaros.
  • Jet Garuda (ジェットガルーダ, Jetto Garūda): Jetman's second robot that transforms from an airship called the Bird Garuda (バードガルーダ, Bādo Garūda). Actually an alien space-ship built and manned by the three survivors of the Kingdom of Dimensia, one of the many dimensional planes conquered by Vyram. When the command "Transform! Jet Garuda" (変形! ジェットガルーダ, Henkei! Jetto Garūda) is given, the cockpit of the Bird Garuda forms the head, the tailfins become the back, the rear intakes become the feet, and the forward engines are the shoulders (the forearms and lower legs slide back). It forms the headdress, body (with the Jet Hawk as the center), forearms, and lower legs of the Great Icarus and attaches to the rear of the Icarus Haken to form the Hyper Haken. It is armed with the Dia Blizzard (ダイヤブリザード, Daiya Burizādo, Dia meaning "diamond"), Wing Slasher (ウィングスラッシャー, Wingu Surasshā), Garud Searcher (ガルドサーチャー, Garudo Sāchā) and the Garuda Burst (ガルーダバースト, Garūda Bāsuto). Its finishing attack is the Garuda Claw (ガルーダクロー, Garūda Kurō). It was made by Dimensia Fighters Ray, Kanna and Dan. It was destroyed in the final battle, but is shown rebuilt in the sequel manga.
  • Great Icarus (グレートイカロス, Gurēto Ikarosu): The combination of the Jet Icarus and the Jet Garuda into a powerful robot, formed from the command "Combine! Great Scramble" (合体! グレートスクラム, Gattai! Gurēto Sukuramu), and armed with Great Beam (グレートビーム, Gurēto Bīmu). It destroys monsters with its ultimate finishing attack, the Bird Maser (バードメーザー, Bādo Mēzā). When the command "Combine! Haken Scramble" (合体! ハーケンスクラム, Gattai! Hāken Sukuramu) is given, it can reform into the Hyper Haken (ハイパーハーケン, Haipā Hāken, Haken is German for "hook" or "mark"). It is armed with the Hyper Buster (ハイパーバスター, Haipā Basutā) and its finishing attack is the Hyper G Attack (ハイパー・G・アタック, Haipā Jī Atakku). It was first used to destroy the monster Semimaru.
  • Tetra Boy (テトラボーイ, Tetorabōi): An AI-gifted robot specialized in quick movements and boxing attacks. It can transform into the Tetra Buster (テトラバスター, Tetorabasutā) cannon, used by the Jet Icarus or the Jet Garuda. It is rendered useless by Raguem after he severs the Tetra Boy's arms in the final battle.


Aya OdagiriEdit

Commander Aya Odagiri (小田切綾長官, Odagiri Aya-chōkan): The first female commander in the Super Sentai franchise. She is good at martial arts, and the inventor of the team vehicles. She is both caring and stern to the Jetmen, and she is not above fighting alongside those under her charge and even personally covering their maneuvers if necessary. As befitting to her status as the Jetman team's commanding officer, her subordinates call her simply "Commander". She is also an able pilot, having flown Sky Force aircraft and even Jet Garuda on several occasions.

Commander Aya Odagiri is portrayed by Mikiko Miki (三輝 みきこ, Miki Mikiko).

Supreme Commander IchijōEdit

Supreme Commander Ichijō (一条総司令, Ichijō Sōshirei, 40 & 41) : A Sky Force officer who cares only for himself and bears a grudge against Commander Odagiri for being the commanding officer in the Jetmen project. With his Neo-Jetmen, Ichijō gains appointment to assume command of Sky Camp base, bent on making Odagiri suffer while removing her Jetmen from the picture. However, he subsequently proves himself to be utterly incompetent in his new capacity when bio-dimensional monster Meteor BEM infiltrates and wreaks havoc within Sky Camp, being instantly demoralized at the first sign of Meteor BEM gaining the upper hand, refusing to even defend himself when offered the option to do so, and trapping his own Neo-Jetman team (and Commander Odagiri, who is attempting to aid the Neo-Jetmen at the time) with the monster in a futile act of desperation. It is implied at the end of Episode 41 that Sky Force has since removed Ichijō from command and reinstated Odagiri in the aftermath of the attack.

Neo JetmanEdit
  • Neo Jetman (ネオジェットマン, Neo Jettoman) (40 & 41): J1 through J5, team created by Supreme Commander Ichijō to replace the Jetmen, having Birdonic Reactors implanted in bodies, bypassing the need for regular exposure to Birdonic Waves. J1 (Yūta Mochizuki, who later went on to play Geki/Tyranno Ranger in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger) is armed with the Neo Sword, J2 is armed with the Neo Stinger scythe, and J4 is armed with the Neo Slicer boomerang. All five wield Neo Shōoter guns and Neo Mine grenades, and their group attack is the Flare Buster twin cannon. They eventually give the Birdonic energies to the original Jetmen in order to restore their powers. In the sequel manga, they are shown repowered and in charge of protecting Japan after the original Jetman's powers have faded over time. Ultimately they end up reactivating the original Jetman team once again.


  • Reverse Dimension Dimensian Soldiers (裏次元ディメンシアンの戦士, Urajigen Dimenshia no Senshi) (23 & 24): The last three warriors of Dimensia, a realm destroyed by Vyram. The group composed of Ray (レイ, Rei) (played by Yasuhiro Ishiwata, who previously played Bun/Blue Flash from Chōshinsei Flashman), his lover Kanna (カンナ, Kanna)(Kanako Maeda, formerly Momoko/Pink Mask in Hikari Sentai Maskman), and the youthful Dan (ダン, Dan) (Hideki Fujiwara, who went on to play Dan/Tricera Ranger in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger), they chased Vyram to Earth with the Bird Garuda. While Ray and Kanna work with the Jetmen in their fight against Semimaru, Dan becomes romantically interested at Ako when they meet, causing him to express his feelings in a comical fashion. After Ray and Kanna are killed by Radiguet when he hijacks Jet Garuda, Dan assumes his fighting form and is mortally wounded taking the robot back from Radiguet. He dies soon after Ako expresses her feelings about him.
  • Reverse Dimension Berserker Soldiers (裏次元ベルセルクの戦士, Urajigen Beruseruku no Senshi) (29): The two warriors from Berserk, a realm destroyed by Vyram force under Radiguet whose people can transmutate any item into weapons, though they can discard that very power to heal. Arriving to Earth, while Duran (デュラン, Dyuran) is cared for by the Jetmen, Lou (ルー, ) attempts to kill Radiguet. However, after Lu realizes the error of her ways and Duran is saved from the control of the monster Armor Snake, the two leave Earth to find a world they can find peace in.


Dimensional War Party VyramEdit

The Dimensional War Party Vyram (次元戦団バイラム, Jigen Sendan Bairamu) appears as a clan of outer-dimensional nobles, who conquered many worlds in the Reverse Dimension, and are now moving on to Front Dimension, ours. They boast about having achieved godhood, while they despise humans and see them as stupid and worthless. Their base of operations is the Vyram's Demon Castle Vylock (ヴィラムの鬼城バイロック, Bairamu no Kijō Bairokku), a brain-shaped castle capable of traversing dimensions and sending its forces to Earth due to its Dimensional Transfer Machine. After their leader got lost in the Reverse Dimension, its four leading members compete in a game to defeat the Jetmen with the prize being full-leadership. Tran eventually becomes powerful enough to assume command, but is deposed by Radiguet, who leads Vyram up to its destruction.


Radiguet (ラディゲ, Radige): A cold-hearted officer who is the nearest presence to a leader of Vyram, refusing to acknowledge anyone above and will do anything to accomplish his goals including being the one who kills the Jetmen. In battle, Radiguet wields the Demon Sword Bloody Gate (魔剣ブラディゲート, Maken Buradi Gēto) and can transform into his true form, Evil Beast Radigan (凶獣ラディガン, Kyōjū Radigan), when enraged. When Juuza returned to power, Radiguet attempts to kill her and ends being punished for his treachery by living as a human with no memory of his life in Vyram. Cared for by Saki, a girl on the verge of death, Radiguet unconsciously saves her life with his power. But though he wanted nothing to do with his past, Radiguet eventually regains his memories and helps the Jetmen in fighting Juuza. After killing Juuza to acquire Semimaru, Radiguet kills Saki to discard his humanity before nurturing Semimaru to assume its adult form though it was destroyed by the Great Icarus. Radiguet later attempt to bring the Majin under his control, managing to succeed with Ramon when he absorbed Gorg. When Tranza takes over the Vyram throne, Radiguet attempts to kill him off, only to be made an example of by the stronger opponent and forced into humbling himself before Tranza. Baring a terrible grudge against Tranza since then, Radiguet allied himself with Maria and Grey to summon the meteor used to create Meteor BEM to take out the Jetmen, enraged to find Tranza used his plan as a springboard from his own scheme. Attempting to sabotage Veronica, Radiguet is hooked up to have his life force sucked out. However, instead of having the life sucked out of him, Radiguet drains Veronica's power. Later, after using the Jetmen to do his dirty work, Radiquet tortures Tranza before breaking his mind and leaving him powerless, becoming Vyram's leader. Ultimately, the side effects of his power boost manifest in his newly gained giant form, the armored Raguem (ラゲム, Ragemu) (48, 50 & 51). After killing Rie so Red Hawk could not have her, Radiguet battles him until the other Jetmen arrive. After the five Jetmen defeat him, Radiguet assumes his Raguem form which not even the Great Icarus is a match for until the Tetra Boy exposes the weak point Rie made. To counter their advantage over him, Raguem assimilates the Vylock into armor that he uses to overpower the Tetra Boy. The Great Icarus separates and Ryuu uses the Jet Garuda to rip the armor off and the others destroy both the Jet Garuda and Raguem. Radiguet says that he will continue to curse the Jetmen for eternity from the Reverse Dimension before he explodes.

Radiguet is portrayed by Masaki Tachi (舘正貴Tachi Masaki) (credited as Daisuke Tachi (舘 大介, Tachi Daisuke)).[citation needed]


Tran (トラン, Toran) (1-36) / Emperor Tranza (帝王トランザ, Teiō Toranza) (36-47): A psychokinetic child who suggested a game to settle who would be Vyram's new leader. He specialized into creating toy-ish monsters to satisfy his fun desires, and thought both enemy or ally fatalities as "just part of the fun". Being the youngest of the Vyram was a big complex to him until his failed attempt to take out the Jetmen during their retreat to the Yamada Ranch was the last straw. The constant anger became unbearable to the point of Tran using it energy to undergo a super-rapid growth. With his new-found power and maturity, Tranza easily defeats both his comrades and Jetmen for underestimating him before seizing leadership of Vyram. In addition to his psychokinetic powers, and new-found arrogant nature, he can now assume disguises and wields the Boltranza (ボルトランザ, Borutoranza) rapier. After his Veronica scheme was ruined by Radiguet, after completing his new Bio Gun, Tranza heads out to hunt both him and Jetmen down. Fighting the entire Jetman team on his own, Tranza uses his Bio Gun to turn each Jetman member into a trophy portrait until only Ryuu remained. However, with Radiguet aiding Red Hawk before betraying him, the Bio Gun is destroyed and the others are freed as they use Jet Bazooka on Tranza. Though he survives the attacks, Radiguet tortures Tranza before sparring him to live in misery in a catatonic state at a mental institution.

Tran is portrayed by Miku Kuga (久我 未来, Kuga Miku). Emperor Tranza is portrayed by Yutaka Hirose (広瀬 裕, Hirose Yūtaka).


Maria (マリア, Maria) (1-49): She was formerly known as Rie Aoi (藍リエ, Aoi Rie), ranked Sky Forcer W3, a love interest of Ryuu's who plays the piano. Though originally to be a Jetman, Vyram's attack on the Earth Ship resulted with Rie being sucked into space. However, Rie is saved by Radiguet, who brainwashed her to be devoid of her memories as a human and made an official of Vyram. However, though he loved her and tells her that she is his, Maria defies Radiguet to suit her own agenda to be leader of Vyram. She loves to battle, and her methods are cruel and cold. She is armed with the Necrod, which has sword, gun, and whip modes. The monsters created by her were often motivated by envy, and attacked mainly women. Since the Camera Jigen incident, unconsciously playing the piano, Maria develops a relationship with Grey. Since then, she played piano music for Grey despite not knowing why, until her identity was found out and the relationship got difficult. Grey was willing to let her go if it made her happy. During the Majin incident, Maria momentarily reverted to Rie until Radiguet forced her back to her Vyram persona with a vendetta against Red Hawk. Eventually forfeiting their contest, Maria accepts Radiguet's proposal of ruling by his side in return of becoming even stronger than she is now. As a result, Maria is infected by a parasite born from Radiguet's blood that turns her into a vampiric being as she targets men, though unaware that she would transform into mindless puppet overtime. While fighting Ryuu, Maria assumes her monstrous form as she battles Red Hawk before assuming Rie's appearance to catch him off guard as the parasite transfers itself to Ryuu in order to have him take out the Jetmen. While Ryuu manages to return to normal, Maria is in the final stage of her transformation as she defeats the other Jetmen before Ryuu arrives and manages to reach Rie, causing Maria to remember her true self as she reverts to her true form. When Radiguet comes to reclaim her, Rie pretends that she will go with him, only to stab him in the back before he mortally wounds her. Before her death, Rie asks Ryuu to leave her out of it before being spirited away by Grey. Her ghost later appeared in the finale, saying farewell to Ryuu after his marriage to Kaori.

Maria is portrayed by Maho Maruyama (丸山 真穂, Maho Maruyama).


Grey (グレイ, Gurei) (1-50): A robot who ironically was always the most reasoning member of the Vyram. He is armed with the Grey Cannon (グレイキャノン, Gurei Kyanon), Mulshot Gun (マルショットガン, Marushotto Gan), and Hand Greyzer (ハンドグレイザー, Hando Gureizā). Despite being a robot, he showed human feelings, especially love for wine, music, cigars, and particularly Maria, learning to play the piano from example. As a result, Grey supports Maria in shielding her when fighting Jetman, seeing Gai Yuuki as an ideal rival. Learning of Radiguet's plan for her, Grey attempts to talk Maria out of it to no avail. This forces Grey to ask the Jetmen to save Maria. However, he instead takes her dying body away as he takes her death hard. With nothing to live for other than his code as a soldier, Grey calls Gai out in a final match. Eventually, Grey is mortally damaged as Gai lit his one last cigar as a sign of acknowledgment as a worthy rival before Grey shuts down.

Grey is portrayed by Hideaki Kusaka (日下 秀昭, Kusaka Hideaki).

Empress JuuzaEdit

Empress Juuza (女帝ジューザ, Jotei Jūza, 17 & 18): The true leader of Vyram, referring to herself as mother of all creation, Juuza along her underlings Radiguet, Grey, and Tran had conquered many dimensions. While able to teleport, fire lasers from her hook use telekinesis, being intangible, and breathe fire in her human form, Juuza can become Demon Beast Juuza (魔獣ジューザ, Majū Jūza) where she fires a beam from her eyes, bullets from her fingers, and shock-waves and beams from her mouth, as well as become an intangible head. Thought to be killed during the Reverse Dimension Invasion War, she actually went under a long sleep after acquiring the Semimaru and incubating it, and came to Earth via a meteorite. She makes her presence known by causing a momentary blackout across the city. By the time the Jetmen investigate, finding Radiguet as he was about to kill her while asleep, Juuza emerges and resumes control of Vyram. She then proceeds to use the humans' pain and suffering from crystals sprouting from their bodies before becoming crystals themselves to feed Semimaru. The Jetmen nearly lose to her as Gai is affected by Juuza's crystal beam while shielding Kaori from it. After punishing Radiguet to live as a human for his treachery, Juuza resumes her attack as the Jetmen battle her before Gai succumbs to Juuza's spell and dies. With some unexpected assistance from Radiguet, White Swan destroys her forehead crystal after asking for Gai's strength in order to revive everyone she turned into crystals. Enraged that her face is hurt, Juuza assumes her Demon Beast Juuza form as the rest of Vyram and Black Condor join the fight against her as the Jetmen use the Fire Bazooka to defeat her. Near death, she is killed by Radiguet when he throws his sword into her throat just before Semimaru hatched.

Grinam SoldiersEdit

Grinam Soldiers (グリナム兵, Gurinamu Hei): The black-skinned grunts born from Grinam seeds. They are armed with axes and capable of launching explosive shells from their hands. The group were later summoned by Zaigan during Super Sentai World.


Dimensional BeastsEdit

The Dimensional Beasts (次元獣, Jigenjū) are monsters born through the fusion of a baby Dimensional Bug parasite, which assimulates with any material it comes in contact with. The resulting creature would often possess supernatural powers and / or weapons reminiscent of the object. Even if the Beast is destroyed, if the Dimensional Bug survives, it can revive and enlarge it.

  • Fighter Dimension (ファイタージゲン, Faitājigen) (2): This giant monster was originally the Commander's jet that she used to search for the two remaining Jetman but Radiguet interferes with the mission and plants a Dimensional Bug on the jet, starting its transformation into a monster. Though it tried to devour the Commander inside the cockpit, she managed to break free and parachute off the jet. It later went against the Jet Hawk in a dogfight before it grabs Gai Yuuki to use as a hostage. But once Gai is freed and saved, the Fighter crashes and assume full monster form, able to fire orbs from its mouth. However, Red Hawk manages to destroy Fighter Dimension by shooting at the exposed gas pipe.
  • Faucet Dimension (ジャグチジゲン, Jaguchijigen) (3 & 27): Originally a faucet implanted with Tran's Dimensional Bug, this monster uses its pipes to wrap around its victims' necks, strangling them. Faucet Dimension later attacks Ryuu while he was trying to convince Gai to join their group as the others come to his aid, getting all four in a corner until Gai returns. After being thrashed by Black Condor, Faucet Dimension is destroyed by the Jetmen.
  • Road Dimension (ロードジゲン, Rōdojigen) (4 & 5): Originally a traffic light infused with Radiguet's Dimensional Bug on its thigh, this monster caused trouble by disrupting the traffic from traffic light malfunction to ripping the road in order to show itself. Though it overpowered the Jetman, Road Jigen is defeated once White Swan arrives at the nick of time. But once enlarged, Road is wounded during the fight with the Jet Machines. Once fully healed, Road Dimension resumes its attack and was the first monster destroyed by the Icarus Haken.
  • House Dimension (ハウスジゲン, Hausujigen) (6): Originally an apartment building infused with Radiguet's Dimensional Bug on its forehead, this monster managed to devour many people before the Jetmen meddled in its feeding affairs, forcing House Dimension to reveal itself and attack the city. This was the first monster destroyed by the Jet Icarus.
  • Mirror Dimension (カガミジゲン, Kagamijigen) (7): Originally a mirror infused with Maria's Dimensional Bug on its right breast, this monster can enter any mirror, taking advantage of humans' vanity to trap them in the mirror realm within its body should they look into their reflections, using them as hostages. The Jetman were at a disadvantage at first until Ryuu's grandmother uses her mirror to deflect the beam and trap Maria in her own monster, forcing it to release all its hostages. After the Jetman use a physical attack to shatter the monster's mirror chest, this monster was shattered by the Bird Bomber. Though regenerated by its Dimensional Bug, Mirror Dimension was destroyed by the Jet Icarus.
  • Diamond Dimension (ダイヤジゲン, Daiyajigen) (8 & 27): The result of Maria's Dimensional Bug fusing into the Bloody Diamond, a 2 billion yen jewel said to be cursed, Diamond Dimension is used to inflict people under its curse with insane greed-filled rage. Once in full monster form, Diamond Dimension uses its curse to turn Ako Hayasaka into a crazed psycho, forcing the male members of the team to attack the monster without her and Kaori, who tends to Ako before later, breaking the curse with every diamond in Tokyo and a slap to bring Ako back to her senses. Once the female members arrives, duo attack Diamond Dimension before hitting its Dimensional Bug, then use the Icarus Haken's Jet Phoenix to crack the Dimensional Beast, breaking its curse.
  • Fashion Dimension (ファッションジゲン, Fasshonjigen) (9): Originally a sewing machine infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug on his left shoulder, Fashion Dimension can create Vyram Fashion clothing that can force people into acting according to the nature of the attire. When this monster uses its Vyram Fashion to turn Satsuki into a sniper, Raita manages to free his childhood friend by reminding her of their childhood before helping his team defeat the monster with several boulders. Though it was enlarged, Fashion Dimension is destroyed by the Jet Icarus.
  • Noodle Dimension (ヌードルジゲン, Nūdorujigen) (10 & 27): Originally cup noodles infused with a Dimensional Bug from Tran, this monster assumes the guise of God Ramen (ゴッドラーメン, Goddo Ramen) to trick Ako's classmate, Tatsuta, into creating the Happy Ako brand of cup noodles using his special noodle lifeforms, which would make any who eat them extremely impatient after hearing Noodle Dimension play his piccolo, only able to wait one minute. Once Tasuta learns the truth from the news, the Dimensional Beast attempts to kill him when Ako arrives to aid her friend. Though the Beast overpowers her, Tatsuta uses Noodle Dimension's dependence on hot water against him, holding him off until the Jetman arrive with an impatient Yellow Owl, having ate the ramen prior, and Blue Swallow leading the attack. Once Jet Icarus is formed, it destroys the monster and breaks his spell.
  • Vending Dimension (ジハンキジゲン, Jihankijigen) (11): Originally a gym vending machine infused with Grey's Dimensional Bug on his right breast armor, this monster can use his Coin Bombs and Can Bombs. Using his basis as a guise, with the Jetmen drinking his juice that hyper-magnifies minor personality traits of the drinker whenever they hiccup. He later attacks Raita, with the others arriving to his aid. Confident that the Jetmen have become useless in battle, Vending Dimension goes on the attack with only Gai able to fight him as his minor personality trait is being a lonesome nice guy. With Ryuu lazily supporting him, Gai managed to hurt Vending Dimension as the team hiccup, reverting to their usual personalities and they all kill the Dimensional Beast with the Bird Bombers. Though revived by the Dimensional Bug, Vending Dimension is easily destroyed by Jet Icarus.
  • Bus Dimension (バスジゲン, Basujigen) (12): Originally a public transportation bus infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug, Bus Dimension uses his guise to take people and digest them one by one whenever in a tunnel, leaving only foaming remnants of its prey. Kaori and Raita happen to be on the bus, believing that someone on the bus was killing the passengers. The truth is revealed by the time the driver, revealed to be a fugitive named Ken'ichi Ota, is digested. By then, the bus begins to assume its true giant form as the passengers escape. White Swan risks her life for Yellow Owl to get the others to run off before the others arrive in the Jet Machines. Forming Jet Icarus, the Jetmen battle Bus Dimension before using the Birdonic Saber to destroy it.
  • Camera Dimension (カメラジゲン, Kamerajigen) (13 & 14): Originally a camera infused with Maria's Dimensional Bug, Camera Dimension uses his Lens Beam on whomever he takes a picture of would be transported into Maria's photo album. Once assuming his monster form, he is able to also use the explosive Flash Beam and shoot a mist from his left forearm. Camera Dimension later supports Maria in attacking Gai and Kaori before the other Jetmen arrive. However, Camera Dimension captures Kaori before targeting every young woman in the city. After they find out his weakness, exposed while using his Lens Beam, the Jetmen attempt to destroy the beast from within when Grey arrives to help Camera Dimension, with Raita and Ako taken as a result. Ryuu completes the Fire Bazooka just in time and uses it to free his team and everyone else Camera Dimension took before the Jetmen use the weapon to kill the monster before it is easily destroyed by the Jet Phoenix.
  • Voice Dimension (ボイスジゲン, Boisujigen) (15): Originally a megaphone infused with Maria's Dimensional Bug, Voice Dimension feeds on women's voices, giving them deep-sounding ones in exchange, as part of Maria's plan to use the stolen voices to turn them into Voice Dimension's Ultrasonic Soundwaves. Among the victims was Ako's classmate Kyouko, with Ako going after him at the risk of exposing herself as a Jetman and later, risking her own voice. Once the team figures out that Voice Dimension targeted only women, Ako plans for Raita pretend to be a geisha to trick the monster into feeding on his voice, losing all the voices he stole as a result. With Kyouko's support after finding out her secret, Blue Swallow defeats Voice Dimension before he is killed by the Fire Bazooka. Though revived by his Dimensional Bug, Voice Dimension is destroyed by Jet Icarus when Blue Swallow uses the Birdonic Saber.
  • Paper Dimension (カミジゲン, Kamijigen) (16 & 27): Originally origami infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug on its left shoulder, Paper Dimension has the power to bring images and sheets of paper to life and have them attack people. Stopping the Jetmen from transforming, Paper Dimension overpowers them until he runs off as he couldn't tolerate the music of the ocarina played by one of the images he brought to life, the model from a painting by artist Shuuichirou Mabuki of his late daughter Shizuko. Because she was created with his love, Shizuko was invincible to Paper Dimension's power as it is sent after her upon being considered a threat by Tran until Ryuu comes to Shizuko's aid, with the others covering their escape. After leaving Shizuko by her father's bedside to play her ocarina, Red Hawk returns to the fight with Paper Dimension regaining the upper hand until Shizuko holds the monster at bay with her music until he eliminates her to stop it, which causes an enraged Red Hawk goes wild on Paper Dimension before using the Fire Bazooka to kill him. Though revived by his Dimensional Bug, Paper Dimension is destroyed by Jet Icarus.
  • Uranai Dimension (ウラナイジゲン, Uranaijigen) (19): Originally a fortune telling machine infused with Maria's Dimensional Bug on her left breast, Uranai Dimension has the power of illusion and uses tarot cards as her weapon. Posing as a fortune teller named Lilika Loui Inoue, Uranai Dimension targets Kaori with coincidental predictions that drive her crazy before giving her a tragic illusion of her future where she is killed by Maria at the Bay Bridge. She then traps the other Jetman in another dimension where she uses illusions to torture them until using the Guillotine Tarot Card attack on them. But Kaori stops her before the attack is carried out, overcoming her fear of the future. White Swan battles Uranai Dimension before the Jetmen use the Fire Bazooka to kill the monster and destroy her Dimensional Bug in the process.
  • Sojiki Dimension (ソウジキジゲン, Sōjikijigen) (20): Originally a vacuum infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug on the right side of his head, Sojiki Dimension can use his vacuum hose to suck or blow or as a whip. He is sent to suck the love out of brides order to keep humans from repopulating. One such victim was Sakiko, the older sister of Michiru who pursue the monster to get to the bottom of it and meets Gai, who eventually believes her. Though he overpowered the Jetmen, they trap him with a fake wedding between Gai and Ako. But Michiru blows the deception with Sojiki Dimension stealing her love while running off. This in turn infuriates Gai, finding Sojiki Dimension as Black Condor kills him with extreme prejudice. Though revived by his Dimensional Bug, Sojiki Dimension is destroyed by Jet Icarus with the Icarus Crusher, restoring his victims to normal.
  • Gomi Dimension (ゴミジゲン, Gomijigen) (21): Originally a pile of garbage infused with Maria's Dimensional Bug after Tran took it from her, Gomi Dimension's will is provided by Ako's teddy bear Poo-tan. Though a good natured monster with the power to restore things to good condition, Gomi Dimension is the victim of prejudice before he found by Maria who attempts to discipline him before Ako arrives. Recognizing Ako as his "mama", Gomi Dimension follows Ako everywhere she goes before she leaves him at the dump so he can make a living ingesting garbage. However, after an attempt on his life by corporate goons whom he offended, Gomi Dimension is found by Maria who turns him into a giant rage-filled monster. After Ako attempts to reason, she joins the other Jetman in fighting Gomi Dimension as Jet Icarus. But when Blue Swallow saves a little girl, Gomi Dimension regains himself and returns to his normal size to save Blue Swallow. However, Maria kill Gomi Dimension with a saddened Ako later making a memorial to him.
  • Dryer Dimension (ドライヤージゲン, Doraiyājigen?) (28): Originally a dryer infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug, Dryer Dimension calls himself the "Founding Dimensional Beast." In response to being called outdated, this monster unsuccessfully tries to prove itself by gathering madcap Grinams who share his plight to take out the Jetmen with. However, when it was about to finish them off, this monster is revealed to be a nice guy to everyone's shock as his Grinams ditch it. After an attempt to take two school girls hostage only to end up coming to terms with his goodness, this monster helps the Jetmen before leaving the scene at their request. Soon after, he takes up a job as an apprentice in a barbershop. Dryer Dimension was the only Dimensional Monster in this series to not be destroyed at all.

Bio Dimensional BeastsEdit

Maria modified the Dimensional Bugs into Bio Dimensional Bugs (バイオ次元獣, Baio Jigenmushi), which give raise to Bio Dimensional Beasts (バイオ次元獣, Baio Jigenjū), which not only possess supernatural powers and/or weapons reminiscent of the object, but also influenced by the animal DNA integrated into each Bio Dimensional Bug.

  • Light Armadillo (ライトアルマジロ, Raitoarumajiro?) (25): The result of Maria's Bio Dimensional Bug imbued with armadillo DNA fused with a Baseball field light post, this monster can roll itself into a ball while using its light bring shadows to life while the target becomes weakened over time as their life force transfers into the shadow. When attacked by the Jetmen minus Gai, it creates the {{Nihongo|Shadow Jetman|影ジェットマン Kage Jettoman?) as its enforcers as Maria creates an artificial light for the shadows to thrive in until their hosts all die. Canceling Maria's artificial light, Gai joins his team in defeating this monster with the Fire Bazooka. This was the first monster to be destroyed with Jet Garuda.
  • Jiku Mammoth (ジクウマンモス, Jikūmanmosu?) (26): The result of Grey's Bio Dimensional bug imbued with mammoth DNA fused with a time piece, this monster calls out the Jetmen before using its Time Slip Beam on them. But Yellow Owl's attack causes them all to end up in prehistoric times. After enough jewels to regain his full power, This monster enlarges itself and overpowers the Jetmen they manage to force the monster back to the present where it was destroyed by the Great Icarus.
  • Armor Snake (ヨロイスネーク, Yoroisunēku?) (29): Created by Radiguet with a Bio Dimensional Big infused with snake-DNA integrated with a suit of samurai armor, this monster was sent to take over Lu's body in order to use her Beserkian powers. However, it consumes Duran instead and has him try to kill Lu until the Jetman blast the snake decoration, causing the monster to break into pieces and free Duran from its influence. This monster was not enlarged as the Dimensional Bug did not survived in the end.
  • Adhesive Cockroach (粘着ゴキブリ, Nenchakugokiburi?) (33): The result of Maria's Bio Dimensional Bug with cockroach DNA fusing unto a glue bottle, the super-fast monster was motivated by his kind's persecution by humans in his attacks of sticking humans with his super-strong glue. This monster temporarily disabled Jet Striker and surviving the Bird Bomber. This monster became the first to be taken down by the completed Beak Smashers and destroyed by the Smash Bombers. This monster was not enlarged as the Dimensional Bug did not survived in the end.
  • Toxic Gas Rat (毒ガスネズミ, Dokugasunezumi?) (35): The result of Radiguet's Bio Dimensional Bug with rat DNA fusing unto a vat of toxic waste, this monster is used to spread deadly fumes across the city. Losing its arm during the first fight, this monster ate enough toxic waste to regenerate its forearm before attacking Ako, leaving her temporarily blind. After being defeated by Blue Swallow as she barely regains her sight and then blasted by the Smash Bomber, the enlarged monster was destroyed by Jet Icarus through the Tetra Buster.
  • Ant Bazooka (アリバズーカ, Aribazūka?) (36): The result of Tran's Bio Dimensional Bug with ant DNA fusing unto a bazooka, Ant Bazooka assumes the form of a swarm of ants that enter humans and turn them unto ravenous gluttons under Tran's control with Kaori among them. However, reforming on Tran's command and enlarging, this monster was destroyed by Jet Garuda.
  • Torpedo Piranha (ギョライピラニア, Gyoraipirania?) (37): The result of Radiguet's Bio Dimensional Bug with piranha DNA fusing unto a torpedo, this monster was sent by Radiguet in an attempt to kill Tranza and Ryuu. However, the other Jetmen arrive and managed to destroy it by attacking the head on its stomach before it fired its trademark torpedo attack. This monster was not enlarged as the Dimensional Bug did not survived in the end..
  • Laser Lizard (レーザートカゲ, Rēzātokage) (38): Tranza tried to use this monster to kill the Jetmen. This monster was killed easily by the Jetman, and Dimensional Bug was taken for study.
  • Hammer Chameleon (ハンマーカメレオン, Hanmākamereon?) (38): A result of Tranza's Bio Dimensional Bug with chameleon DNA fusing with a hammer, this monster was deployed to retrieve Laser Lizard's Bio Dimensional Bug. Able to turn invisible, this monster loses its hammer arm before it was destroyed by the Smash Bomber as it attempts to escape. However, this monster was revived when Laser Lizard's Bio Dimensional Bug thawed and fuses unto the original's hammer. This monster was enlarged by Tranza and was destroyed by Jet Garuda.
  • Sniper Cat (ナイパーキャット, Sunaipākyatto?) (39): A result of Grey's Bio Dimensional Bug with cat DNA fusing with firearms, this monster serves his master in turning all the Jetmen minus Black Condor into chess pieces. This monster later appears to gun down Gai should he lose to Grey in a casino match, enlarging after his master loses before being destroyed by Jet Garuda with the Tetra Buster.
  • Meteor BEM (隕石ベム, Insekibemu?) (40 & 41): Created by Radiguet's Bio Dimensional Bug fusing in a meteor made of an anti-Birdronic metal, this monster weakens the Jetmen with its very presence and nearly kill them were it not for the sudden appearance of Neo-Jetmen. When Meteor BEM returns as a giant, it defeats the Neo-Jetmen in Jet Icarus until the Jetman arrive before Meteor BEM completely negates their Birdonic energies as the Tetra Boy comes to their aid. Though seemingly destroyed by Jet Garuda with the Tetra Bomber, Tranza remove this monster's core and sneaked it into Jet Icarus before it regenerates into a new Meteor BEM which begins smashing the Sky Camp while overpowering the Neo Jetman. With a boost from the Neo-Jetmens' power, the Jetman regain their powers and they finally destroy this monster with the Great Icarus.
  • Leech Drill (ヒルドリル, Hirudoriru?) (43): Bent on defeating the Jetmen before Tranza can with Veronica, Radiguet integrated a drill with Bio Dimensional Bug infused with Leech DNA. Using a bouquet of roses to sneak into the Commander's body, this monster takes control of her body in order to snare the Jetmen into a trap while sabotaging their arsenal. Once the Jetmen realized something's up, they are forced to restrain the Commander as manage to duplicate the monster's cell reduction energy to use Jet Icarus to force this monster out within the 3 minute time limit. After managing to make it out in time via the tear duct, this monster managed to completely render Jet Icarus powerless. However, the Commander pilots Jet Garuda to get pay back as she destroys the monster.

Other Vyram MonstersEdit

  • Dimensional Bug (次元虫, Jigenmushi) (1 & 2): An alien monster sent to Earth by Radiguet to drain people of their lifeforce with his tongue and convert into energy for his babies in her abdomen. He was the first opponent the Jetman fought at half-strength, mortally wounded by Red Hawk before Radiguet saves him. After detaching himself from his egg sack, this Dimensional Bug is sent to attack the Jetman, only to be destroyed by all five.
  • Destruction Beast Semimaru (破壊獣セミマル, Hakaijū Semimaru?) (18-24): The ultimate beast of destruction; an insectoid who is legendary for its destructive power. Juuza acquired such a monster and brought it to Earth while as an egg, feeding it enough human suffering to hatch. Though she succeeds in her plan, Juuza is killed by Radiguet who raises Semimaru from its green larval form to a red armored human-sized version before it pupates. Once it emerges, the matured winged Semimaru enlarges itself as it goes on the rampage across the city while defeating Jet Icarus until the Bird Garuda intervenes and freezes the monster. However, once the monster breaks out, it defeats Jet Garuda before leaving to heal its wounds. But Semimaru meets its end fighting the newly formed Great Icarus.
  • Majin Mu (魔神ムー, Majin Mū?) (30): A servant of Ramon and Gorg, Mu was put to sleep along with his two masters since Taiko era. Accidentally released from his urn by two lost travelers, Mu goes to find an ideal warrior to use in a blood sacrifice to free his masters. Arriving to the scene of the Jetman's fight with Radigam, Mu attacks them to pick out a suitable sacrifice and abducts Kaori to begin the ritual. However, the Jetman intervene and battle Mu as they use the Fire Bazooka on him which he endured. Finding his masters revived, Mu was killed by Gorg for being useless.
  • Majin Ramon and Gorg (魔神ラモンとゴーグ, Majin Ramon to Gōgu?) (30-32): The natural enemies of humanity, who turn humans into fruit for consummation. Sealed during the Taiko Era, they could only be released by the blood of a warrior, with Radiguet giving them his in return for their loyalty. However, the two have no interest in serving someone who harms humans as they start to feed until the Jetman intervene. Enlarging, Gorg battles Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda until the Tetra Boy arrives and defeat the demon. With Gorg mortally wounded by Jet Icarus with the Tetra Buster, Ramon attempts to absorb him. But Radiguet and Grey spirit away the dying Gorg and seed him with Bio-Dimensional Bugs before Ramon finds him, succeeding in gaining control of the fused demon lord. But even with Gorg's power augmenting his own, Ramon is defeated by the Jetman and then destroyed by the Hyper-Haken.
  • Strange Dimensional Lifeform Jigoku Medusa (異次元生命体ジゴクメドゥーサ, Kaijigen Seimeitai Jigokumedūsa?) (34): An internal defense mechanism designed to hunt down any intruders, it attacks Ryuu when he infiltrates the Vylock. Enlarging to stop the Great Icarus from taking out the Dimensional Transfer Machine, it siphons the giant robot's energies to become a living bomb to take out the Jetman until the Tetra Boy intervenes and holds the monster long enough for the Great Icarus to destroy Jigoku Medusa.
  • Trial Manufacture Robot G2 (試作ロボットG2, Shitsuku Robotto Jītsū?) (42): A yellow robot created by Tranza as a trial platform for technologies meant for his Veronica project, G2 malfunctioned after serving its purpose and was relegated to being a training target for the Grinam troopers while its onboard AI developed a childlike mind. Escaping to Earth, G2 finds itself in the middle of Grey and Maria's hunt for Gai and Kaori. After being given a replacement power source by Grey, G2 attempts to win his love by bringing Maria, who was in Red Hawk's custody at the time, to him. Unfortunately, the process is plagued with freak accidents as well as continued combat between Gray and the Jetmen, leaving G2 fatally-damaged while protecting Maria and Grey. Laying abandoned and unrecognized, G2 plays Maria's tune before self-destructing.
  • Majin Robo Veronica (魔神ロボ ベロニカ, Majinrobo Beronika?) (43-45): The ultimate giant robot built by Tranza, it required human life energy as a power source. Upon appearing on Earth, piloted by Tranza and the other Vyram officers, Veronica wreaks havoc on the city as it defeats Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda while keeping them from forming the Great Icarus. But before Veronica could finish them off, it is damaged as a result of Radiguet's attempt to take the controls from Tranza to deal the final blow. After Grey finishes repairs, Veronica resumes its attack as the Tetra Boy arrives to hold the robot off until the Great Icarus arrives. However, Veronica damages the giant robot after its power source is revealed. By the time Veronica returns, now powered by three of the Jetman, it overpowers the Great Icarus until Radiguet's sabotage manifests. With Grey piloting Veronica as Tranza deals with Red Hawk after doing away with Radiguet, who completely drains Veronica's power as the Jetman fall back with the other captives to the Great Icarus, which uses its Bird Maser in conjunction with the Tetra Boy to destroy Veronica.
  • Tomato Great King (トマト大王, Tomato Daiō) (46): The result of an Outer Dimensional entity called Metamol assuming the form of a nightmare from Raita's childhood when he was afraid of tomatoes, the Tomato Great King possesses the power to turn people into tomato-headed freaks. Because it feeds on Raita's fear, this monster overpowers the Jetman as Tranza enlarges it. However, once Raita manages to overcome his childhood fear, this monster loses his power until he is reduced to a headless version of himself. This monster was destroyed by Jet Garuda.


No. Title Director Writer Original air date
1"Seek the Warrior"
"Senshi o Sagase" (戦士を探せ)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueFebruary 15, 1991 (1991-02-15)
2"The Third Warrior"
"Daisan no Senshi" (第三の戦士)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueFebruary 22, 1991 (1991-02-22)
3"The Power of Five!"
"Itsutsu no Chikara!" (五つの力!)
Kiyoshi AraiToshiki InoueMarch 1, 1991 (1991-03-01)
4"The Fighting Bride"
"Tatakau Hanayome" (戦う花嫁)
Kiyoshi AraiToshiki InoueMarch 8, 1991 (1991-03-08)
5"Fall for Me"
"Ore ni Horero" (俺に惚れろ)
Shohei TojoToshiki InoueMarch 15, 1991 (1991-03-15)
6"Get Angry, Robo!"
"Ikare Robo!" (怒れロボ!)
Shohei TojoToshiki InoueMarch 22, 1991 (1991-03-22)
7"Ryuu's Marriage!?"
"Ryū no Kekkon!?" (竜の結婚!?)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueMarch 29, 1991 (1991-03-29)
8"The Laughing Diamond"
"Warau Daiya" (笑うダイヤ)
Keita AmemiyaKenichi ArakiApril 5, 1991 (1991-04-05)
9"Muddy Love"
"Doronko no Koi" (泥んこの恋)
Masao MinowaHiroyuki KawasakiApril 12, 1991 (1991-04-12)
10"Cup Noodles"
"Kappu Men" (カップめん)
Masao MinowaNaruhisa ArakawaApril 19, 1991 (1991-04-19)
11"A Dangerous Game"
"Kiken na Asobi" (危険な遊び)
Shohei TojoKunio FujiiApril 26, 1991 (1991-04-26)
12"Hellbound Bus"
"Jigokuyuki Basu" (地獄行バス)
Shohei TojoToshiki InoueMay 3, 1991 (1991-05-03)
13"Maze of Love"
"Ai no Meiro" (愛の迷路)
Masao MinowaToshiki InoueMay 10, 1991 (1991-05-10)
14"The Bazooka of Love"
"Ai no Hissatsu Bazūka" (愛の必殺 (バズーカ))
Masao MinowaToshiki InoueMay 17, 1991 (1991-05-17)
15"High School Student Warrior"
"Kōkōsei Senshi" (高校生戦士)
Kiyoshi AraiMami WatanabeMay 24, 1991 (1991-05-24)
16"Paper Uprising"
"Kamigami no Hanran" (紙々の叛乱)
Kiyoshi AraiKenichi ArakiMay 31, 1991 (1991-05-31)
17"The Revived Empress"
"Fukkatsu no Jotei" (復活の女帝)
Taro SakamotoToshiki InoueJune 7, 1991 (1991-06-07)
18"Gai Dies!"
"Gai, Shisu!" (凱、死す!)
Taro SakamotoToshiki InoueJune 14, 1991 (1991-06-14)
19"I Can See!"
"Miemasu!" (見えます!)
Keita AmemiyaNaruhisa ArakawaJune 21, 1991 (1991-06-21)
20"Marriage Vacuum Cleaner"
"Kekkon Sōjiki" (結婚掃除機)
Keita AmemiyaKenichi ArakiJune 28, 1991 (1991-06-28)
21"Walking Garbage"
"Aruku Gomi" (歩くゴミ)
Shohei TojoKenichi ArakiJuly 5, 1991 (1991-07-05)
22"Exploding Love"
"Bakuhatsu Suru Koi" (爆発する恋)
Shohei TojoToshiki InoueJuly 12, 1991 (1991-07-12)
23"A New Warriors Debuts"
"Shin Sentai Tōjō" (新戦隊登場)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueJuly 19, 1991 (1991-07-19)
24"Launch, Super Robot"
"Shutsugeki Sūpā Robo" (出撃 (スーパー)ロボ)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueJuly 26, 1991 (1991-07-26)
25"The Laughing Shadow-People"
"Warau Kage Ningen" (笑う影人間)
Masao MinowaKenichi ArakiAugust 2, 1991 (1991-08-02)
26"I'm a Primitive"
"Boku wa Genshijin" (僕は原始人)
Masao MinowaNaruhisa ArakawaAugust 9, 1991 (1991-08-09)
27"The Great Escape From Hell"
"Makai Dai Dasshutsu" (魔界大脱出)
Shohei TojoKenichi ArakiAugust 16, 1991 (1991-08-16)
28"The Original Dimensional Beast"
"Ganso Jigenjū" (元祖次元獣)
Shohei TojoNaruhisa ArakawaAugust 23, 1991 (1991-08-23)
29"The Final Battle"
"Saigo no Tatakai" (最後の戦い)
Shohei TojoMami Watanabe,
Naoki Yato
August 30, 1991 (1991-08-30)
30"The Three Majin Stand"
"San Majin Tatsu" (三魔神起つ)
Masao MinowaToshiki InoueSeptember 6, 1991 (1991-09-06)
31"The Squadron Disbands"
"Sentai Kaisan!" (戦隊解散!)
Masao MinowaToshiki InoueSeptember 13, 1991 (1991-09-13)
32"Wings!! One More Time"
"Tsubasa yo! Futatabi" (翼よ!再び)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueSeptember 20, 1991 (1991-09-20)
33"It's a Cockroach"
"Gokiburi Da" (ゴキブリだ)
Keita AmemiyaKenichi ArakiSeptember 27, 1991 (1991-09-27)
34"Traitorous Ryuu"
"Uragiri no Ryū" (裏切りの竜)
Shohei TojoNaruhisa ArakawaOctober 4, 1991 (1991-10-04)
35"The Fighting Courage Given by a Dove"
"Hato ga Kureta Tatakau Yūki" (鳩がくれた戦う勇気)
Shohei TojoKenichi ArakiOctober 11, 1991 (1991-10-11)
36"A Walking Appetite! Ant-People"
"Aruku Shokuyoku! Ari Ningen" (歩く食欲!アリ人間)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueOctober 18, 1991 (1991-10-18)
37"Birth! Emperor Tranza"
"Tanjō! Teiō Toranza" (誕生!帝王トランザ)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueOctober 25, 1991 (1991-10-25)
38"Sudden Hammer!"
"Ikinari Hanmā!" (いきなりハンマー!)
Masao MinowaToshihiko MasudaNovember 1, 1991 (1991-11-01)
39"Spin, Roulette of Life"
"Mawase Inochi no Rūretto" (廻せ命のルーレット)
Masao MinowaNaruhisa ArakawaNovember 8, 1991 (1991-11-08)
40"Command! Change the Squadron"
"Meirei! Sentai Kōtai Seyo" (命令!戦隊交代せよ)
Shohei TojoKenichi ArakiNovember 15, 1991 (1991-11-15)
41"Transformation Impossible! The Base Destroyed"
"Henshin Funō! Kichi Kaimetsu" (変身不能!基地壊滅)
Shohei TojoKenichi ArakiNovember 22, 1991 (1991-11-22)
42"Sleep on My Chest!"
"Ore no Mune de Nemure!" (おれの胸で眠れ!)
Masao MinowaToshiki InoueNovember 29, 1991 (1991-11-29)
43"Sneak into the Commander's Body"
"Chōkan no Karada ni Sennyū Seyo" (長官の体に潜入せよ)
Masao MinowaToshiki InoueDecember 6, 1991 (1991-12-06)
44"Majin Robot! Veronica"
"Majin Robo! Beronika" (魔神ロボ!ベロニカ)
Keita AnemiyaToshiki InoueDecember 13, 1991 (1991-12-13)
45"The Hot Milk of Victory"
"Shōri no Hotto Miruku" (勝利のホットミルク)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueDecember 20, 1991 (1991-12-20)
46"The Tomato Field's Great Demon King"
"Tomato-batake no Daimaō" (トマト畑の大魔王)
Shohei TojoKenichi ArakiJanuary 10, 1992 (1992-01-10)
47"The Glory of Emperor Tranza"
"Teiō Toranza no Eikō" (帝王トランザの栄光)
Shohei TojoToshiki InoueJanuary 17, 1992 (1992-01-17)
48"A Kiss That Calls Death"
"Shi o Yobu Kuchizuke" (死を呼ぶくちづけ)
Masao MinowaToshiki InoueJanuary 24, 1992 (1992-01-24)
49"Maria... Her Love and Death"
"Maria… Sono Ai to Shi" (マリア…その愛と死)
Masao MinowaToshiki InoueJanuary 31, 1992 (1992-01-31)
50"Respective Battles to the Death"
"Sorezore no Shitō" (それぞれの死闘)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueFebruary 7, 1992 (1992-02-07)
51"Flap Your Wings! Aviators!"
"Habatake! Chōjin yo" (はばたけ!鳥人よ)
Keita AmemiyaToshiki InoueFebruary 14, 1992 (1992-02-14)


  • Ryuu Tendou (天堂 竜, Tendō Ryū): Kōtarō Tanaka (田中 弘太郎, Tanaka Kotaro)
  • Kaori Rokumeikan (鹿鳴館 香, Rokumeikan Kaori): Rika Kishida (岸田 里佳, Kishida Rika)
  • Raita Oishi (大石 雷太, Ōishi Raita): Ikko Tadano (ただの いっこ, Tadano Ikko) (Credited under Tomihisa Naruse (成瀬 富久, Naruse Tomihisa))
  • Ako Hayasaka (早坂 アコ, Hayasaka Ako): Sayuri Uchida (内田 さゆり, Uchida Sayuri)
  • Gai Yuuki (結城 凱, Yūki Gai): Toshihide Wakamatsu (若松 俊秀, Wakamatsu Toshihide)
  • Commander Aya Odagiri (小田切綾長官, Odagiri Aya-chōkan): Mikiko Miki (三輝 みきこ, Miki Mikiko)
  • Jiiya: Yuzo Hayakawa (早川 雄三, Hayakawa Yūzō)
  • Rie Aoi (藍リエ, Aoi Rie)/Maria (マリア, Maria): Maho Maruyama (丸山 真穂, Maho Maruyama)
  • Radiguet (裏次元伯爵ラディゲ, Radige): Daisuke Tachi (舘 大介, Tachi Daisuke)
  • Tran (トラン, Toran): Miku Kuga (久我 未来, Kuga Miku)
  • Emperor Tranza (帝王トランザ, Teiō Toranza) : Yutaka Hirose (広瀬 裕, Hirose Yūtaka)
  • Grey (グレイ, Gurei): Hideaki Kusaka (日下 秀昭, Kusaka Hideaki, also Voice)
  • Narrator: Tsutomu Tareki (垂木 勉, Tareki Tsutomu)


Opening theme
  • "Chōjin Sentai Jetman" (鳥人戦隊ジェットマン, Chōjin Sentai Jettoman)
    • Lyrics: Toyohisa Araki (荒木 とよひさ, Araki Toyohisa)
    • Composition and Arrangement: Gōji Tsuno (つの ごうじ, Tsuno Gōji)
    • Artist: Hironobu Kageyama
Ending theme
  • "Your Heart is an Egg" (こころはタマゴ, Kokoro wa Tamago)
    • Lyrics: Toyohisa Araki
    • Composition: Kōji Tsuno
    • Arrangement: Kenji Yamamoto
    • Artist: Hironobu Kageyama


Chōjin Sentai Jetman is the first Sentai series that paid homage to another show, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Developed before the ending of Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman, Toei chose Keita Amemiya to be the series' director. During its development, the series is once called "Chōjin Sentai Birdman" (超人戦隊バードマン, Chōjin Sentai Bādoman, Lit. Superhuman Squad Birdman),[citation needed] and searched for actors who would play the main characters. One of them were Toshihide Wakamatsu who would go on to play Gai Yuuki/Black Condor. Before the series, the members were all referred to by their color but both Amemiya and Suzuki said that "this [was] unnatural" and decided the characters to refer each other by their names instead of their colors. Episodes without the characters transforming and fighting were also proposed, but seriously opposed by Bandai until the later half of the series.

The more mature themes such as drama, romantic love triangles and tragedy were in the series' after Takeyuki Suzuki watched Tosho Daimos, and wanted to capture its "high romance". Both the comedy and dramatic tones influenced the series' overall popularity and had become its defining part.

Related mediaEdit


Following the conclusion of the TV series, the series main screenwriter, Toshiki Inoue, wrote a trilogy of Jetman novels from 1992 to 1995 that retold the events of the TV series. The novels were written specifically for adult fans of the TV series and included mature content, such as detailed descriptions of sexual intercourse between Ryuu and Rie, Gai and Kaori, and Radiguet and Maria. Empress Jūza, a one-off villain in the series, had an extended role while the Dimensional Beasts and giant robots were eliminated, with the Jetmen fighting humans subjected to the Vyram's experiments instead.[1][2][3]


A manga sequel to Jetman was published in 1996 authored by Akiko Fujii, in cooperation with the series' writing team (still under the Saburo Yatsude pen name). It was titled Chōjin Sentai Jetman: Toki o Kakete (鳥人戦隊ジェットマン 時を駆けて, "Time Flies"). Set five years after the series (and, therefore, two years after the story ends), it shows the four remaining Jetmen rejoining to battle a revived Radiguet, who had possessed Tranza's broken body. Radiguet kidnaps Ryuu and Kaori's one-year-old daughter Aya Tendou and, much in the same way he turned Rie into Maria before, he accelerates her growth and brainwashes her into becoming Ruma, whom he considers a daughter. Meanwhile, Gai's empty spot in the team is filled by a young rock guitarist called Jeffrey "Jeff" Kenzaki (ジェフリィ剣崎, Jefuryi Kenzaki), who is empowered by Birdonic Waves after a meteorite crashes next to him, and becomes Green Eagle (グリーンイーグル, Gurīn Īguru) whose suit is Green instead of Black. In this manga series, the Jetmen uniform is slightly different, with the helmets more closely resembling those of Gatchaman (translucent, protruding visors, and uncovered faces).

Video gameEdit

A video game version of Chōjin Sentai Jetman was released for the Famicom on December 21, 1991. The game was published by Angel (a subsidiary of Bandai) and developed by Natsume. It is a single-player side-scrolling action game where the player assumes role one of the Jetmen members as they fight against the forces of Vyram. The player can choose which Jetman they want to control at the start of each stage, each having their own weapon and maximum hit points:

  • Red Hawk and Black Condor: Bringer Sword, 8 hit points
  • Yellow Owl: Wing Gauntlet, 7 hit points
  • Blue Swallow and White Swan: Bird Blasters, 6 hit points

The initial five stages, Area A to Area E, can be played in any order, while the sixth and final stage, Area F, becomes available once the others have cleared. Each stage begins with a standard side-scrolling level in which the player fight their way to the end of the level in order to reach the stage's boss. Each Jetman has three types of attack: a weapon attack, a kick, and a special attack that destroys all enemies, but can only be used once (unless a replenishment is found). The boss segments consists of one-on-one battles between the team's giant robot, the Great Icarus, and a giant monster (all based on monsters from the show). The player has a four-level power gauge that will gradually fill up during the course of battle, which can be used to perform one of four possible special attacks.

The following is a list of bosses in the game and the stages where they appear:

  • Mirror Dimension (Area A)
  • Camera Dimension (Area B)
  • Bus Dimension (Area C)
  • Light Armadillo (Area D)
  • Dimensional Mammoth (Area E)
  • Destruction Beast Semimaru (Area F)

The game features four difficulty settings, a password option, and a Battle Mode where the player can fight against any of the first five bosses.


As of 2015, the series has become one of the most popular and darkest entries in the Super Sentai Series.[citation needed] It officially gained a much wider audience and got a rating of 7.1% average, beating Fiveman's 6.5%.[citation needed] Despite the series also receiving criticism for adding "romance drama to a children's show", Gai Yuuki became an instant hit with Japanese mothers, who sent clemency pleas to TV Asahi so that they did not kill him off.[citation needed] It is still today considered to Sentai fans a masterpiece and topped the number 1 popular vote in both Bandai's B-CLUB magazine and Toei's "Super Sentai Request Tournament".[citation needed]

In the end, total revenue from the series greatly exceeded 15 billion yen.[citation needed]

Jetman was originally going to be adapted into the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but Saban chose its successor, Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger to be the first instead.[original research?]

Home mediaEdit

In 2018, Shout! Factory announced that it will release the series on DVD on September 25, 2018, in Japanese with English subtitles, marking it the 10th Super Sentai installment given an official DVD release in North America. It is the first pre-Mighty Morphin Sentai to be released in North America on DVD.[4]


  1. ^ Literally translated as Winged Beast Squad Jetman.
  2. ^ The year is only addressed as "199X", but is later shown to be 1991, notably through Rie's tombstone.
  3. ^ The kana イカロス is normally used as a Japanese transliteration of the Greek name Íkaros, rather than the Latin name Icarus, which is transliterated as イカルス. However, the DX Chōgōkin toy version of the robot released by Bandai and the Famicom video game by Angel both use the name "Icarus" when the name is spelled in Roman script.


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