Turkish coffee being poured from a copper cezve..

A cezve is a small long-handled pot with a pouring lip designed specifically to make Turkish coffee. It is traditionally made of brass or copper, occasionally also silver or gold. In more recent times cezveler are also made from stainless steel, aluminium, or ceramics.


The name cezve is of Turkish origin, where it is a borrowing from Arabic: جذوة‎ (jadhwa).

Other regional variations of the word cezve are jezve, čezve, and xhezve. In Ukrainian and Russian the word is spelled джезва (where it exists alongside турка, IPA: [ˈturkə]). In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, North Macedonia, and the Czech Republic, it is a long-necked coffee pot, spelled džezva.

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