Ceuta Football Federation

The Ceuta Football Federation (Spanish: Federación de Fútbol de Ceuta; FFCE) is responsible for administering football in the Autonomous City of Ceuta. They are not directly affiliated with FIFA or CAF or UEFA. Till now there has been no attempt to select a team to represent the whole Spanish exclave in North Africa.

Ceuta Football Federation
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FIFA affiliationn/a
UEFA affiliationn/a

88 football clubs are administered in Ceuta and also the amateur autonomous team that plays the Spanish stage of the UEFA Regions' Cup.

At the autonomous community level (4th tier) of the Spanish football league system below the national competitions controlled by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, clubs from Ceuta are placed along with those from Western Andalusia [es] in Group 10 of the Tercera División rather than in their own group, but at the 5th level, the city has its own league, the Preferente of Ceuta.

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