Cerro de las Ánimas ("Hill of the Souls", formerly known as Mirador Nacional) is a peak and the second highest point of Uruguay, with an altitude of 501 metres (1,643.7 ft).

Cerro de las Ánimas
Cerro de las Ánimas viewed from a road (Ruta Interbalnearia)
Highest point
Elevation501 m (1,644 ft)
Coordinates34°45′07.38″S 55°19′10.54″W / 34.7520500°S 55.3195944°W / -34.7520500; -55.3195944
English translationHill of the Souls
Language of nameSpanish
PronunciationSpanish: [ˈsero ðelaˈsanimas]
Cerro de las Ánimas is located in Uruguay
Cerro de las Ánimas
Cerro de las Ánimas
Location in Uruguay
LocationPiriápolis, Maldonado Department,
Parent rangeSierra de las Ánimas (part of Cuchilla Grande)
Age of rockPrecambrian
Mountain typeHill
Easiest routeHike

Location and features edit

It is located to the southwest of the Maldonado Department, in the municipality of Piriápolis, in a similarly named range of hills which is named Sierra de las Ánimas.

Changing height calculations edit

Until 1973, this hill was considered the highest point of Uruguay.

However, in that year, a group of scientists of the Servicio Geográfico Militar (Military Geographic Service) changed the measure of the Cerro Catedral, currently considered the highest point of the country, with an altitude of 513.66 metres (1,685.24 feet).

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