Cernavodă Bridge

The Cernavodă Bridge is a complex of two freeway-railroad truss bridges in Romania, across the Danube River, connecting the cities of Cernavodă and Fetești, between the regions of Dobruja and Muntenia.

Cernavodă Bridge
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Coordinates44°20′23″N 28°01′01″E / 44.33976°N 28.01686°E / 44.33976; 28.01686Coordinates: 44°20′23″N 28°01′01″E / 44.33976°N 28.01686°E / 44.33976; 28.01686
CarriesFreeway, double-track electrified railroad line, two walkways
Borcea branch of the Danube
LocaleBetween Cernavodă and Fetești
DesignTruss bridges
Total length2,622 m (8,602 ft)
Width32.5 m (107 ft)
Longest span190 m (620 ft)
First section length1,640 m (5,380 ft) (over main branch)
Second section length982 m (3,222 ft) (over Borcea branch)
DesignerCCCF Bucharest[1]
IPTANA Bucharest (viaducts)[2]
Opened1986 (Borcea bridge)
1987 (Cernavodă bridge)

Inaugurated in 1987, the bridges have a total length of 2,622.85 m (8,605.2 ft), of which 1,640.35 m (5,381.7 ft) over the Danube at Cernavodă, and 982.5 m (3,223 ft) over the Borcea branch [ro] of the Danube, at Fetești.[2][3]

The Cernavodă Bridge lies on the A2 Sun Motorway, in the vicinity of the old Anghel Saligny Bridge. Across the railway bridge runs the CFR Line 800, connecting Bucharest to the ports of Constanța and Mangalia on the Black Sea.

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The Cernavodă Bridge (left) and the Anghel Saligny Bridge (right) over the Danube