Ernestine Cannon

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Ernestine Cannon (1904-1969), also known as Ernestine Virden-Cannon, was an American ceramicist and designer of dinner ware whose business, Ernestine, was based in Italy.[1] Cannon lived in Salerno during the Second World War, where in 1948 she established her business in response to the post-war poverty she saw there.[1] In 1949 the earthenware produced to Cannon's designs was featured at a Pittsburgh trade show by her exclusive representatives Fisher, Bruce & Co, bringing wider attention to her work and leading to its sale through department stores such as Neiman Marcus.[1] In 1951 Cannon was awarded a Neiman Marcus Fashion Award, the reason given that her "creative designs" had "brought new life to the ceramic industry of Italy."[2]

Ernestine Cannon
Born1904 (1904)
Died1969 (aged 64–65)
Known forCeramics

Examples of Cannon's ceramics are housed in the Dallas Museum of Art.[3]


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Further readingEdit

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