Century Initiative

The Century Initiative (French: Initiative du Siècle) is a Canadian charity that aims to increase Canada's population to 100 million by 2100.[2] This would include increasing the population of "Mega-regions", such as the Greater Toronto Area, from 8.8 to 33.5 million, the Greater Vancouver region, from 3.3 to 11.9 million, and the National Capital Region, from 1.4 to 4.8 million.[2] Century Initiative forecasts predict that without changes to Canadian immigration policy, the population of Canada will increase to only 53 million people by the end of the century.[3] The Century Initiative intends to reach its population goal by reversing the falling fertility rate, investing in economic development around "mega-regions", and through a massive increase in immigration.[2][4]

Century Initiative
TypeLobby group
BN 843519638 RR0001[1]
Legal statusFoundation
FocusPopulation growth, immigration
Area served
Key people
Lisa Lalande, CEO

Mark Wiseman, chair of the board

Dominic Barton, co-founder

The Century Initiative was co-founded by Mark Wiseman and Dominic Barton, who also led the Trudeau government’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth.[5][6] The Initiative is supported by former Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney[7] and by influential Liberal Party advisors and ministers including former Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry Navdeep Bains and former Minister of Finance Bill Morneau.[3][8]

In March 2021, The Globe and Mail hosted a virtual event in partnership with the Century Initiative examining key indicators of the Century Initiative’s progress towards growing Canada’s population to 100 million by the year 2100.[9][10] The Century Initiative has been written about by columnists including Andrew Coyne,[11] Terence Corcoran,[12] and Doug Saunders, who subsequently authored the book Maximum Canada: Why 35 Million Canadians Are Not Enough.[13]

Connections to BlackRockEdit

The Century Initiative Board of Directors is chaired by co-founder Mark Wiseman, who was BlackRock's Global Head of Active Equities and ran Blackrock's Alternative Investment division at the time that the Initiative was founded[14][15] BlackRock's Alternative Investment division includes the firm's international real estate investment portfolio[16] and is reported to be actively purchasing single family homes.[17] The Century Initiative's co-founder, Dominic Barton, is married to Geraldine Buckingham, BlackRock's Asia Pacific chief, which has previously generated conflict of interest concerns.[18]


The Century Initiative envisions the Canada of 2100 as a nation of mega-regions, which it defines interlocking areas with more than one city centre and a typical population of 5 million or more.[2]

Mega-region 2016 population 2100 population (goal) Population change
Vancouver 3.3 11.9 +261%
Calgary-Edmonton 2.8 15.5 +454%
Winnipeg 0.8 1.7 +113%
SW Ontario 1.2 2.0 +67%
Toronto 8.8 33.5 +281%
Montreal 4.4 12.2 +177%
National Capital 1.4 4.8 +242%


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