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El-Kentour (الكنتور) is a town and mountain in Algeria. It is located in the Constantine Mountains. El-Kentour is also the site of the El-Ouahch to El-Kentour tunnel, which is part of the National Road 3.


El-Kentour is situated 3 km south of Aïn Bouziane and 4½ km north of Zighoud Youcef. The topography is mountainous, with the Oued Ensa river flowing to the east. The boundary between Skikda and Constantine Province runs through the village.


In Roman and Vandal times the town was known as Centuriones.


The town was the seat of an ancient Bishopric[1][2] and was from the 4th to the 6th century a stronghold of Donatism. The Bishopric remains today a titular see of the Catholic Church,[3] and the current bishop is Vasyl Tuchapets. Known bishops include:

Titular bishops
Residing bishops


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