Centro Sur

Centro Sur (Spanish for "South-center") is a province of Equatorial Guinea. Its capital is Evinayong.[2]

Centro Sur
Flag of Centro Sur
Location of Centro Sur
CountryEquatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea
 • Total9,931 km2 (3,834 sq mi)
 • Total141,986
 • Density14/km2 (37/sq mi)


Centro Sur borders Gabon's Estuaire Province in the southwest and Woleu-Ntem Province in the southeast, and Cameroon's South Province in the north. Domestically, it borders Kié-Ntem in the northeast, Wele-Nzas in the southeast, and Litoral in the west.

Centro Sur contains three main towns: Akurenam, Niefang and Evinayong.


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Coordinates: 1°33′N 10°17′E / 1.55°N 10.29°E / 1.55; 10.29