Central News Agency Literary Award

The Central News Agency Literary Award (CNA Literary Award, CNA Prize) was a major annual literary award in South Africa.[1] It was named for the CNA chain of bookstores. Founded by Phillip Stein,[2] it recognised works in prose and poetry, and in both the English language and Afrikaans.[3]

The last award was presented in 1996,[4] although CNA later launched a "Book of the Year" award for popular bestsellers of any genre.[5]

Past winners (incomplete list)Edit

This list is based on multiple sources that may contain errors.[6][7]

English Prize Afrikaans Prize
Year Recipient Title Recipient Title
1996 Sarah Ruden Other Places
1995 Margaret McCord The Calling of Katie Makanye
1994 Karel Schoeman Hierdie Lewe
1993 Nelson Mandela Long Walk to Freedom Chris Barnard Moerland
1992 Damon Galgut The Beautiful Screaming of Pigs
1991 John Miles Kroniek uit die Doofpot: Polisieroman
1990 Nadine Gordimer My Son's Story
1989 Christopher Hope White Boy Running
1986 Etienne van Heerden Ancestral Voices
1985 Ellen Kuzwayo Call me Woman T.T. Cloete Allotroop[8]
1984 Douglas Livingstone Selected Poems Wilma Stockenstroom Monsterverse
1983 J. M. Coetzee Life and Times of Michael K Breyton Breytenbach (YK): Die vierde bundel van die ongedanste dans
1982 André Brink A Chain of Voices ELisabeth Eybers Bestand
1981 Nadine Gordimer July's People Sheila Cussons Die Woedende Brood
1980 J. M. Coetzee Waiting for the Barbarians Geen Toekenning ( No award )
1979 Nadine Gordimer Burger's Daughter D.J. Opperman Komas Uit 'N Bamboesstok
1978 André Brink Rumours of Rain Elsa Joubert Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena
1977 J. M. Coetzee In the Heart of the Country Elisabeth Eybers Einder
1976 Anthony Delius Border Etienne Leroux Magersfontein, O Magersfontein!
1975 Guy Butler Selected Poems Anna M Louw Kroniek van Perdepoort
1974 Nadine Gordimer The Conservationist Leon Rousseau Die Groot Verlange
1973 Alan Paton Apartheid and the archbishop: The life and times of Geoffrey Clayton, Archbishop of Cape Town Elisabeth Eybers Kruis of Munt
1972 Sheila Meiring Fugard The Castaways Karel Schoeman Na die Geliefde Land
1971 Jack Cope The Rain Maker Elsa Joubert

P G du Plessis


Siener in die Suburbs

1970 John McIntosh The Stonefish Breyten Breytenbach Lotus
1969 No Award Breyten Breytenbach Kouevuur
1968 Siegfried Stander The Horse Chris Barnard Duiwel-in-die-bos
1967 Laurens van der Post The Hunter and the Whale Breyten Breytenbach Die huis van die dowe
1966 Thelma Gutsche No Ordinary Woman Henriette Grové Jaarringe
1965 Godfrey LeMay British Supremacy in South Africa, 1899–1907 André Brink Olé
1964 Alan Paton Hofmeyr Etienne Leroux Een vir Azazel
1963 Laurens van der Post The Seed and the Sower D.J. Opperman Dolosse
1962 Mary Renault The Bull from the Sea N.P. van Wyk Louw Tristia: en ander verse voorspeleren vlugte
1961 Siegfried Stander The Desert Place Chris Barnard Bekende onrus

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