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Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation

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The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation (Russian: Центральная избирательная комиссия Российской Федерации (Центризбирком)) is the superior power body responsible for conducting federal elections and overseeing local elections in the Russian Federation founded in September 1993. It consists of 15 members. The President of Russia, State Duma and Federation Council of Russia each appoint five members. In turn, these members elect the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Secretary. The Commission is in power for a four-year term.

Central Election Commission
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On 30 January 2007, amendments to the Russian election legislation, which would allow people without higher education in law to become members of the Central Election Commission, were passed by the President of Russia.[1][2]


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Name Term of office
Start End
Nikolay Ryabov September 1993 14 November 1996
Alexander Ivanchenko 14 November 1996 24 March 1999
Alexander Veshnyakov 24 March 1999 26 March 2007
Vladimir Churov 26 March 2007 27 March 2016
Ella Pamfilova 28 March 2016


Subordinate organizationsEdit

The following organizations are operating under Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation according to the corresponding presidential decrees of the President of Russia.[4]

  • Federal Center of Informatization
  • Control and Audit Service Affiliated to the CEC of Russia
  • Russian Center of Training in Electoral Technologies affiliated to CEC of Russia


Central Electoral Committee of the Russian Federation:

  • Is carrying out control on protection of the electoral rights and of the right to participate at the referendum of the citizens of the Russian Federation;
  • Organizing, developing the standards of the technological equipment (the voting booth, ballot box) for the constituency commissions, approved the standards and carrying out control for their compliances, and as well organizes the placement of an order for the production of this technological equipment during the elections to the federal government bodies, the referendum of the Russian Federation;
  • ensures the implementation of activities related to the preparation and conduct of elections, referendums, the development of the electoral system in the Russian Federation, the introduction, operation and development of automation equipment, voters legal training, professional training of commission members and other election organizers, referendums, publication of necessary printed materials;
  • carries out measures to organize a uniform procedure for the distribution of airtime and print space among registered candidates, electoral associations for election campaigning, among the referendum initiative group and other groups of referendum participants for campaigning on referendum issues, establishing voting results, determining election results, referendums , as well as the procedure for publication (promulgation) of the voting results and the results of elections, referendum, while including in the information and telecommunication network "Internet" for public use;
  • carries out measures to organize financing for the preparation and conduct of elections, referenda, allocates funds granted by the federal budget for the financial support of preparation and conduct of elections, referendum, controls the targeted use of these funds;
  • carrying out the legal, methodological, logistical and technical assistance to the committees;
  • carrying out the international cooperation in the field of voting systems;
  • hears the reports from federal executive authorities, executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local governments on issues related to the preparation and conduct of elections to the federal government bodies and the referendum of the Russian Federation;
  • establishing the standards to prepare the lists of voters, the participants at the referendum and other voting documents, which relate also with the preparation and carrying out the referendum.
  • Reviewing the petitions (claims) on the rulings and actions (inactions) of the subordinated committees and adopting the reasoning rulings based on the petitions submitted.
  • Carrying out other tasks in accordance with the Federal Law in effect and with the other federal legislation.


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