Central Auditing Commission of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Central Auditing Commission (CAC), (Russian: Центральная ревизионная комиссия КПСС), Centralnaya revizionnaya komissiya) was a supervisory organ within the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Similar organs existed in a number of other communist parties, which were analogous with that of the CPSU.

The Central Auditing Commission was elected by and reported to the CPSU Party Congress and its membership was just below that of the CPSU Central Committee within the intraparty bureaucratic hierarchy.

The Central Auditing Commission supervised the expeditious and proper handling of affairs by the central bodies of the Party, and audited the accounts of the treasury and the enterprises of the CPSU Central Committee.

It is not to be confused with yet another CPSU control organ: the Party Control Committee of the CPSU Central Committee, which was responsible for enforcing Party discipline.


Period Chairman
16 March 1921 — 22 May 1924 Viktor Nogin
31 May 1924 — 2 December 1927 Dmitry Kursky
19 December 1927 — 2 April 1951 Mikhail Vladimirsky
September 1952 — 3 February 1959 Pyotr Moskatov [ru]
3 February 1959 — 17 October 1961 Alexander Gorkin
31 October 1961 — 29 March 1966 Nonna Muravyova
8 April 1966 — 25 February 1986 Gennady Sizov
6 March 1986 — 30 September 1988 Ivan Kapitonov
1988 — 1990 Alla Nizovtseva (acting)