Central Asian Review

Central Asian Review was a journal of Central Asian Studies published from 1953 to 1968. The journal's full title was Central Asian Review: A Quarterly Review of Current Developments in Soviet Central Asia and Kazakhstan and was published quarterly by the Central Asian Research Centre in association with St. Antony's College, Oxford University. Founder and director of the center, Geoffrey Wheeler was the editor-in-chief and frequent contributor to the journal.[1][2]

Central Asian Review was one of the primary venues for scholarly articles concerning Central Asia and was the main English language source for digests of Soviet press coverage of Central Asia. The journal was notable because it was one of the few periodicals of Central Asian Studies published during a time when research in the field was difficult, due to Soviet censorship and travel restrictions for researchers. In 1968 Wheeler left the Central Asian Research Center and the following year “Central Asian Review” was incorporated into the journal Mizan, published by the center from 1965 to 1971.[1][2]


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