Celebrity Sports Showdown

Celebrity Sports Showdown is a sports video game for the Wii developed by EA Canada, and was the first title released under the EA Sports Freestyle label.[2] The game features ten sporting and musical celebrities competing against each other in a number of sporting events.[1] Through playing the twelve mini-games, a number of non-celebrity characters can be unlocked as well.

Celebrity Sports Showdown
Developer(s)EA Canada
Publisher(s)EA Sports Freestyle
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer


Similar to other sports games collections on the Wii such as Wii Sports, Big Beach Sports and Deca Sports, Celebrity Sports Showdown uses the motion detection of the Wii Remote for control. For example, in the canoeing event players must hold the Wii Remote sideways while performing a rowing motion as with a real set of paddles, while the inner tube and skiing events use quick gestures to perform tricks or jumps as the player tilts the controller to steer.[3]

Players can compete either on their own or in a team of up to four members.[4]