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Celebrity Big Brother (or Big Brother VIP) is an adaptation of the Big Brother reality television series franchise in several countries, in which the housemates are local celebrities. In some countries, the prize money normally awarded to the winning housemate is donated to a charity, and all celebrities are paid to appear in the show as long as they do not voluntarily leave before their eviction or the end of the series. The rest of the rules are nearly the same as those of the original version.

The celebrity version has become particularly popular in the UK, causing UK broadcaster Channel 5 to extend its deal with Endemol enabling them to air two celebrity series in addition to the civilian version every year from 2012.[1] As of 2017 the UK has aired 20 celebrity series with the current Celebrity Big Brother 20 from 1 August 2017. In Bulgaria, VIP Brother has replaced the original format of the show and more seasons of the celebrity edition have been produced than the regular one. Due to the show's popularity there, it lasts for two months unlike most countries where it only airs for a month.

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