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Calvin "Cave" Carson is a fictional character that appeared in stories published by DC Comics. Carson, a spelunker, first appeared in Brave and the Bold #31 (September 1960); he was created by France Herron and Bruno Premiani.[1]

Cave Carson
Cover to Showcase #48,
art by Lee Elias
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBrave and the Bold #31, (August 1960)
Created byFrance Herron (writer)
Bruno Premiani (artist)
In-story information
Alter egoCalvin Carson
Team affiliationsShadow Fighters
Forgotten Heroes
AbilitiesHighly intelligent.
Cybernetic eye.


Publication historyEdit

The Challengers of the Unknown were a quartet of science fiction adventurers created by Jack Kirby. They debuted in 1957, and their commercial success spawned two other science fiction characters: Cave Carson and Rip Hunter. Hunter was the more successful of the two.[2] Unlike similar groups, namely Rip Hunter's Time Masters and the Sea Devils, Carson and his team never got their own title.

The group appeared in Brave and Bold #31–33, 40, and 41. Next they appeared in Showcase #48, 49, and 52. Carson's stories featured Carson and a team of fellow adventurers engaging in various adventures beneath the Earth's surface. He was joined by Bulldozer Smith, Johnny Blake, and Christie Madison.

Cave Carson would later appear as part of the Forgotten Heroes in the 1980s.[1] He and his team helps repel the Apellaxian invasion. They help the Sea Devils and Aquaman by finding an underwater grotto. The others trapped a group of water-polluting "mercury" aliens inside the grotto.[3]

Carson appeared as an ally to the Time Masters in the mini series of the same name in 1990.

By himself, he helps in the fight against Eclipso in the pages of Eclipso's own series. An ally of Amanda Waller, he leads Mona Bennet and Bruce Gordon through underground passages into the fictional country of Parador, which Eclipso had conquered. For his troubles, the villain breaks both his legs and leaves him on the border.[4]

Cave and his team helps the Justice Society of America in retrieving Sand from deep within the Earth's crust.[5] Cave Carson was mentioned in Infinite Crisis #5 on the news radio about an earthquake in India and in Japan in 2005. Later, during the Final Crisis event, he was featured briefly in a news report with his cave crew under the New York City Subway system, finding a way to explore the top of the world. As part of this excursion, they find ancient cave drawings under Manhattan.[6]

Young AnimalEdit

The character was relaunched and reinvented in 2016 for DC's new publishing line Young Animal. The series, Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye, is co-written by Gerard Way and Jon Rivera, with art by Michael Avon Oeming.[7] As of March 2018, the series title was changed to Cave Carson Has An Interstellar Eye. It also began again from issue one.[8]


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