Cauvery Bridge, Erode

Cauvery Bridge (காவேரி பாலம், Kaveri palam) is a stone bridge across the Kaveri River in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India. The bridge connects Karungalpalayam in Erode with Pallipalayam in Namakkal district. This two-lane bridge is the primary gateway for the city of Pallipalayam, from the east. [1]


Being the major transit artery of Erode, it meets heavy traffic congestion due to increasing vehicular movements in the city. For easing the traffic congestion and a component of infrastructure expansion for Erode, the Government planned to widen this into four-lane by constructing additional bridge. The new bridge is being constructed in parallel to the existing one to convert the traffic in two-way manner.[2] [3]

Additional structures for reducing the trafficEdit

Further to reduce the traffic congestion in this bridge, few more infrastructures has been developed along the Cauvery river to share the traffic flow between Erode City and Namakkal district Bridge is named after a former chief minister of Tamil Nadu selvi J.Jayalalitha as Puratchi thalaivi amma bridge.


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