Cathy Turner (artist)

Cathy Turner is a British artist and researcher, specialising in dramaturgy, site-specific performance and walking art.[1] She is a founder member of Wrights & Sites,[2] and a Senior Lecturer in Drama at the University of Exeter.[3] Turner's practice and research explore how one's life experience can influence one's perception of their environment.


Turner's dramaturgical research focuses on the relationship between performance and place,[4] an area she has explored and documented in her book Dramaturgy and Architecture: Theatre, Utopia and the Built Environment.[5]

Wrights & SitesEdit

Turner is a founding member of Wrights & Sites, a group of artist-researchers who develop site-specific artistic works. They are best known for their walking misguides, and their use of the Letterist/Situationist practice of dérive.[6]

Walking WomenEdit

In 2009 Turner collaborated with Deirdre Heddon on a series of interviews with women walking artists. In their two essays, 'Walking Women: Shifting the Tales and Scales of Mobility' and 'Walking Women: interviews with artists on the move', Heddon and Turner argue that a fraternal lineage dominates walking, with the practices of female walkers erased or marginalised. Their work introduces the voices of contemporary female artists that walk into the historical record.[7][8]

Heddon and Turner's work has sparked a series of practice-based interventions that focus on women who walk. These include 'Er Outdoors' a series of radio programs curated by Jo Norcup that make 'audible the voices of women past and present';[9] and WALKING WOMEN, a series of exhibitions, talks and events curated by Amy Sharrocks and Clare Qualmann that actively 're-write the canon' and 'imagine a future in which gender bias and skewed vision is destroyed'.[10]

Selected worksEdit


  • Ambulant Architectures (2012), Sideways Festival, Belgium[11]
  • Everything you need to build a town is here (2010), Wonders of Weston, UK [12]
  • Mis-Guided: Elsewhere in Fribourg (2008), Belluard Bollwerk International Festival, Switzerland [13]
  • Mis-Guide: Stadtverführungen in Wien (2007), Tanzquartier Wien and Wienerfestwochen, Austria[14]
  • Possible Forests (2007), Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, Devon, UK [13]
  • Blue Boy Walks (2004), Spacex Gallery, ‘Homeland’ Exhibition, Exeter and Winchester, UK[15]
  • And On The Thousandth Night… (2002), Kunsten Festival Des Arts, Belgium[16]
  • The Quay Thing, (1999), Exeter, UK[17]


  • Nora and I (2009), Funded by Arts Council England.
  • Writing Space, (2008), Funded by The Arts and Humanities Research Council.[18]
  • An Infinite Line: (2007), contributed to Dramaturgical Labs for 2008 Brighton Festival[19]

Selected publicationsEdit

Cathy Turner (2015). Dramaturgy and Architecture: Theatre, Utopia and the Built Environment. Palgrave.

Cathy Turner and Synne Behrndt (2007).Dramaturgy and Performance. Palgrave Macmillan.

Cathy Turner, Tony Weaver, Stephen Hodge, Simon Persighetti and Phil Smith (2006). A Mis-Guide to Anywhere. Wrights & Sites.


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