Catharsis (Russian band)

Catharsis is a Russian symphonic power metal band founded in 1996.[1]

OriginMoscow, Russia
GenresSymphonic metal, power metal
death doom metal (debut album)
Years active1996–present
LabelsIrond, Hammer Müzik
MembersOleg Zhilyakov
Oleg Misson
Igor Polyakov
Aleksandr Timonin
Julia Red
Anatoliy Levitin


The band was founded in Moscow in 1996 by guitarist Igor Polakov and vocalist Sergey Bendrikov. In its demo albums the band played a kind of death doom metal, but since their second album, "Febris Erotica", they turned to the style of symphonic metal. This album received many positive reviews in Russian music magazines. Readers of Rock City magazine voted for the band as "1999's Best Rookies". The album's follow-up, "Dea", featured voice of Catharsis' new vocalist - Oleg Zhilyakov.

In 2002, Oleg "Mission" Mishin, experienced guitarist and flute player, joined Catharsis and became their main songwriter in following albums "Imago" (2003) and "Wings" (2005). Many lyrics on these albums were written by Margarita Pushkina, a poet who writes lyrics for metal bands such as Aria, Kipelov, Mavrik.

In 2006, Catharsis was awarded the Russian Alternative Music Prize as The Best Russian metal act.[2]


  • Oleg 'Mission' Mishin - guitars, flute
  • Oleg Zhilyakov - vocals
  • Igor 'Jeff' Polyakov - guitars
  • Aleksandr Timonin - bass
  • Julia Red - keyboards
  • Anatoliy Levitin - drums


Studio albums and EPsEdit

  • Proles Florum (1998)
  • Febris Erotica (1999)
  • Dea (2001)
  • Imago (2002) -- with lyrics in English
  • Имаго (Imago) (2003) --with lyrics in Russian
  • Призрачный Свет (Eerie Light) (2004)
  • Крылья (Wings) (2005)
  • Баллада Земли (Earth' Ballad) (2006)
  • Иной (Other) (Internet Single)(2010)
  • Светлый альбом (Light album) (2010)
  • Индиго (2014)
  • Антология. 20 первых лет. Полное собрание сочинений. (DELUXE GOLD BOX-SET 16 CD's + BONUS) (2015)
  • Время потерь (2018)

Live albumsEdit

  • Верни им небо (Return to 'em the Sky) DVD (2005)
  • Верни им небо (Return to 'em the Sky) 2 CDs (2006)
  • 15 лет полета (15 Years of Flight) DVD (2012)


  • Child of the Flowers (1997)
  • Taedium Vitae (1999)
  • Prima Scriptio (2003)


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