Caterpillar D8

The Caterpillar D8 is a large track-type tractor designed and manufactured by Caterpillar. Though it comes in many configurations, it is usually sold as a bulldozer equipped with a detachable large blade and a rear ripper attachment.

Caterpillar D8
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Caterpillar D8T
Length186 in (470 cm)
Width101 in (260 cm)
Height156 in (400 cm)
Weightabout 80,000 lb (36,000 kg) depending upon year, model and accessories.


D8 series with raised drive sprockets
  • 1935: RD8 (132 hp) introduced.
  • 1937: The "R" prefix dropped, D8 debuts.
  • 1940s: D8 2U Series (148 hp) introduced
  • 1950: D8 new front-rounded grill that would last until D8K was replaced by D8L in 1982.
  • 1955: 1H Series D8 ends production; 191 hp D8E and D8D introduced with new 1,246 cubic inch displacement (CID) D342 diesel engine. D8D had a torque converter and D8E had a direct drive transmission.
  • 1956: D8D replaced by D8G.
  • 1956: D8E replaced by D8F.
  • 1958: 235 hp D8H introduced.
  • 1965: Power increased to 270 hp
  • 1970: D8 46a 48a power increased 280 hp
  • 1974: 300 hp D8K replaced the D8H.
  • 1982: 335 hp D8L replaced D8K. The D8L was the first D8 with the elevated drive sprocket undercarriage.
  • 1984: D8L SA (special application) for farming applications premiers. Available with a three point hitch, for mounted implements.
  • 1987: D8N (285 hp) with differential steer transmission, the first track-type Caterpillar tractor to have one.
  • 1996: 305 hp D8R replaced D8N.
  • 2000: D8R Series 2 replaced the D8R.
  • 2004: 310 hp D8T ACERT[1] replaced D8R Series 2.


Several types of bulldozer blade can be used on the front of the tractor:

  • Straight ("S-Blade"): A short blade with no lateral curve and no side wings. It can be used for fine grading
  • Angle: held by a U shape frame that has three holes on each side, to set the blade to 3 positions: right, center, and left.
  • Universal ("U-Blade"): A tall and very curved blade with large side wings to carry more material
  • "S-U" combination: A shorter blade with less curvature and smaller side wings

Other blade types include landfill U-Blades, woodchip U-blades, and two-way blades for work inside the holds of ships.

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