Category:Works subject to a lawsuit

This category covers creative works, works of art (painting, statues, sculpture, etc.), entertainment (films, music, performances of plays), literature (books, graphic novels, written texts of plays, screenplays, newspaper and magazine articles), computer programs and other similar material which were named in (where the work itself is challenged) or the subject of a lawsuit (where someone else's involvement with the work caused the suit) over the use, exhibition or display of the work.

To be clear, books or films about a lawsuit are not included here. Only where the book, play, film or other work is involved in the suit, either because there was a question related the work (Rear Window and the film's copyright status at renewal time), about the work (questions whether the song "As Nasty as they Want to be" is obscene), or about someone's use of a work (whether a theater manager was guilty of public obscenity for showing the film Carnal Knowledge).