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This category contains templates that are "deprecated" – they have been superseded by another template, often because the new template is more flexible or combines the features of two previously separate templates.

{{Deprecated template|old template name|new template name|date=November 2022}}

Usage without a date parameter categorises templates into this category. Adding the date parameter categorises the template into a dated subcategory.

If a deprecated template is still in use on other pages, add <noinclude>...</noinclude> tags around the {{Deprecated template}} template. That way the template page will show the deprecation tag, but pages using it will not. If a template has been fully deprecated, meaning that it not in use on other pages, the noinclude tags may be removed. That way a deprecation tag will show on any page using the deprecated template. Afterwards consider nominating the template for deletion, or marking it with {{Historical template}}.

Note that deprecated stub templates are not normally deleted, as they are used as soft redirects. These should be marked with {{Deprecated stub}}.


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