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12th c. ← England in the 13th century → 14th c.
1200s in England —            120112021203120412051206120712081209
1210s in England1210121112121213121412151216121712181219
1220s in England1220122112221223122412251226122712281229
1230s in England1230123112321233123412351236123712381239
1240s in England1240124112421243124412451246124712481249
1250s in England1250125112521253125412551256125712581259
1260s in England1260126112621263126412651266126712681269
1270s in England1270127112721273127412751276127712781279
1280s in England1280128112821283128412851286128712881289
1290s in England1290129112921293129412951296129712981299
1300s in England1300


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