Catalan Communist Party

Catalan Communist Party (Catalan: Partit Comunista Català) was a political party in Catalonia, Spain. PCC was founded in 1928. It had its origins in l'Ateneu Enciclopèdic Popular, which had been formed in 1926, and in the Marxist sectors of the Catalan separatist movement. The main leaders of PCC were Jordi Arquer and Víctor Colomer.

Catalan Communist Party

Partit Comunista Català
LeaderJordi Arquer
Founded1926 (1926)
DissolvedNovember 1930 (1930-11)
Merged intoCatalan-Balearic Communist Federation
NewspaperL'Opinió (1928-1929)
L'Andreuenc and Treball' (1929-1930)
Revolutionary socialism
Political positionLeft


The PCC was founded in 1928 by the communist sector of the Catalan independence movement. The party was relatively small, having around 300 members, mainly in Lleida and Barcelona. In November 1930 PCC merged into the Catalan-Balearic Communist Federation (FCCB).[1]


The party published L'Opinió (1928-1929), and later L'Andreuenc and Treball.


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