Cat Hill, Ascension Island

Cat Hill is a settlement on Ascension Island, an island which forms part of the British Overseas Territories.

Cat Hill
Part of NSA-GCHQ Composite Signals Organisation
Ascension Island
Cat Hill
Cat Hill
Cat Hill is located in Ascension Island
Cat Hill
Cat Hill
Coordinates7°57′S 14°25′W / 7.95°S 14.41°W / -7.95; -14.41Coordinates: 7°57′S 14°25′W / 7.95°S 14.41°W / -7.95; -14.41
TypeSatellite ground station
Site information
OwnerGovernment of the United Kingdom
Site history
In use1961–present


The Target Tracking Radar Station, known as the Golf Ball, was built on this site, designated for use as a base for the United States Armed Forces,[1][2] between 1960 and 1961.[3] The site subsequently became the location of the joint NSA-GCHQ Composite Signals Organisation facility on the island.[4]


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