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NGC 6334

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NGC 6334 (also known as the Cat's Paw Nebula, Bear Claw Nebula, or Gum 64) is an emission nebula and star-forming region located in the constellation Scorpius.[3] It was discovered by astronomer John Herschel in 1837, who observed it from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.[4]

NGC 6334
Emission nebula
The Cat's Paw Nebula lies inside the Milky Way Galaxy and is located in the constellation Scorpius,
green areas show regions where radiation from hot stars collided with large molecules and small dust grains called "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons" (PAHs), causing them to fluoresce
(Spitzer space telescope, 2018)
Observation data: J2000 epoch
Right ascension 17h 19m 58s[1]
Declination−35° 57′ 47″[1]
Distance5500 ± 970 ly[2] ly
Apparent dimensions (V)40'×23'
Physical characteristics
Radius40 ly
DesignationsESO 392-EN 009,[1]
Sharpless 8, RCW 127,
Gum 64
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