Castle of Tarifa

The Castle of Tarifa (Spanish: Castillo de Tarifa), also known as Castle of Guzmán el Bueno ("Good Guzmán", nickname of Alonso Pérez de Guzmán) or Castle of the Guzmáns (Alonso Pérez de Guzmán being the founder of the line from which the dukes of Medina Sidonia descend) is a castle in the coastal town of Tarifa in Spain.

Castle of Tarifa
Native name
Spanish: Castillo de Tarifa
Tarifa castillo.jpg
Castle of Tarifa
LocationTarifa, Spain
Coordinates36°00′42″N 5°36′10″W / 36.0117°N 5.6027°W / 36.0117; -5.6027Coordinates: 36°00′42″N 5°36′10″W / 36.0117°N 5.6027°W / 36.0117; -5.6027
Official nameCastillo de Tarifa
TypeCaliphate of Córdoba
Designated3 June 1931
Reference no.RI-51-0000499-00000
Castle of Tarifa is located in Spain
Castle of Tarifa
Location of Castle of Tarifa in Spain


The castle was built in 960 by Abd-ar-Rahman III, Caliph of Córdoba.[1] When Tarifa was taken over by the king of Castile, Sancho IV in 1292, the castle was handed over to Alonso Pérez de Guzmán for its defense. Pérez de Guzmán got the nickname of "Good" (el Bueno) by refusing to hand over the castle in 1296 to the besieging forces of the Infante Don Juan, the rebellious brother of the king Sancho, and the Marinids, in exchange for the life of his son.

Recently refurbished, the castle is open to visitors. The coast and mountains of Morocco are visible from its towers.


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