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The Castilian Party (Partido Castellano or PCAS in Spanish) is a Spanish political party resulting from the union of several Castilian nationalist and regionalist political parties from Castile and León, Cantabria, La Rioja, Madrid and Castile-La Mancha.[1] The most relevant of the components is Tierra Comunera.[2]

Castilian Party

Partido Castellano
PresidentPedro Manuel Soriano
Secretary-GeneralJavier Benedit
FoundedJanuary 1982, 19 (19-01-1982)
Merger ofTierra Comunera
Progress Party of the Cities of Castile and León
Citizen Group
HeadquartersC/ Valdemoro, 1 bajo, 09001, Burgos, Castilla y León
Youth wingCastilla Joven
IdeologyCastilian nationalism
Social democracy
Political positionCentre-left
Colours     Dark purple
Local Government[a]
79 / 21,601
Party flag
Flag of Castile (purple).svg



The Castilian party wishes to be an alternative to the classic two-party system in Castile. They also stand up for the Castilian historical heritage and the environment. From their foundational congress on October 24, 2009, in Toledo onwards, their ideology has been federalist and Castilian nationalist. For this reason, they intend to recover the dissolved sense of Castilian identity and to turn Castile into Spain's financial and political engine by overcoming Castilian endemic problems like depopulation, population aging, youth emigration, and depotism. All these problems have been publicly denounced by this party.[3] The party seeks to recover the political union of Castile, nowadays split into five regions: Castile and León, Castile-La Mancha, Madrid, Cantabria and La Rioja. They are in the pursuit of unifying these five territories and merging them into a single territory called Castile.

Territory claimed by the Castilian Party.


In July 2010, the party announced to run for the Catalan regional parliament election with the name of Castilian Party-Party of the cultures of Catalonia.[4]

In the Spanish general election 2011, the party ran for the election in association with the Cantabrian Regionalist Party.[5]

Party splitEdit

Since the party creation, there were two very different political currents: one a lot more official (which supported the union of the whole of Castile), and another much proner to regionalist ideas (which supported the political reality in force). During the party congress in October 2011, a majority of party members unanimously approved a new sort of political strategy and changed the former name "Party of Castile and León" for simply the "Castilian Party". This initiative was promoted and supported by the party directorate and caused the regionalist current to quit the party. The splinter group decided to found a new party called PRCAL (Regionalist Party of Castile and León).[6]

The new party intends to remain within the Autonomous Community of Castile and Léon as distinct from the Castilian party who does not. The Castilian party intends to merge Castile and León, Madrid, Castile-La Mancha, La Rioja, and Cantabria into a bigger one.


General electionsEdit

Date Votes Seats Status Size
# % ±pp # ±
2011 2,431 0.01 N/A 34th

Cortes of Castile and LeónEdit

Date Votes Seats Status Size
# % ±pp # ±
2011 13,537 0.94% N/A 6th
2015 With PCAS–TC 0.33% –0.61  0 N/A 12th

Cortes of Castilla–La ManchaEdit

Date Votes Seats Status Size
# % ±pp # ±
2011 2,752 0.23% N/A 6th
2015 With PCAS–UdCa 0.14% –0.09  0 N/A 11th

Assembly of MadridEdit

Date Votes Seats Status Size
# % ±pp # ±
2011 1,722 0.06% N/A 16th
2015 With PCAS–TC 0.06% +0.00  0 N/A 18th

Local electionsEdit

Date Votes Seats Size
# % ±pp # ±
2011 With PCAS–CI 0.14% 32nd
2015 With PCAS–TC 0.04% –0.10  120 63rd



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