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Carter & June is a 2017 American heist film, directed by Nicholas Kalikow, and written by Kalikow, Matt Post and Rob Warren Thomas, and produced by Sean Covel, Diane Richey and Kyle Roper of Sacred Bull Media.[1][2] The lead roles of Carter & June are played by Michael Raymond-James and Samaire Armstrong. It also stars Timothy Omundson.[3][4] The film was Kalikow’s second film as a director, and was released in cinemas and on digital media simultaneously, on May 18th 2018.

Carter & June
Carter & June poster.jpg
Directed byNicholas Kalikow
Produced bySean Covel, Diane Richey, Kyle Roper
Written byNicholas Kalikow, Matt Post, Rob Warren Thomas
Music byAaron M Olson, Robbie Krieger
Release date
  • April 27, 2017 (2017-04-27) (Sunscreen Film Festival)
  • May 18, 2018 (2018-05-18)
Running time
87 minutes
CountryUnited States



Carter Jennings (Raymond-James) is a New Orleans conman who finds himself in debt to local gangster and strip club owner, Spencer Rabbit (Omundson). When his partner in crime robs him after a heist, he is given 24 hours to pay Spencer back. He gets a call from Caitlin (Mayra Leal), who has been hired by Spencer for a $500,000 safe robbery. She conspires with him to double cross Spencer.

Meanwhile, it transpires that Spencer himself owes money to Commissioner Reid, which he needs to pay in order to get a new license for his strip club. The robbery he is planning with Caitlin is in fact on Reid’s own private safe in the bank. He visits his ex, June O’Malley (Armstrong) and together they plan to piggy-back off the bank robbery, pay off their debts and reconcile.

The robbery that Spencer has planned goes ahead, but Carter and June are already in the vault, posing as rich customers. A nearby policeman, Jason Twitty, interrupts the heist, killing the robbers, including Caitlin in the process. In the aftermath, Carter steals the safe key from Caitlin's body.

Carter and June visit Twitty and his wife, Darla Mae, to blackmail him into ensuring them safe passage into the bank, for a cut. Twitty's wife is keen on the idea, especially when she is convinced by her lover, Pastor Lucas Jenks, that they could use the money to start a church together.

Carter is interrogated by the Detective Johnson, who is suspicious of his involvement in the bank robbery and the death of Caitlin. He is visited again by Spencer, who threatens him again. Carter promises to get him an even bigger sum of money to get himself off the hook.

Carter and June pose as FBI agents to get themselves into the bank with Twitty. They steal the contents of Reid’s safe and discover some incriminating photos along with the money in Bearer Bonds. They give Twitty his cut and reconcile, but Jason is persuaded by Pastor Jenks to rob them for the rest of the money. While he is stealing the bonds from June, Spencer breaks in to steal back the bonds and the photos, having been contracted by Reid.

Carter returns to the house to discover that June has been kidnapped by Spencer. He makes a deal to exchange the photos, which he had taken with him, for June. Carter turns up with Darla Mae, who shoots many of Spencer’s crew before being shot herself. Reid’s associates then arrive and a shootout ensues.

In a rage over the death of his wife, Twitty kidnaps Spencer, Carter and June but then contacts Detective Johnson to turn himself and everyone else in. It emerges that Carter had made a deal with Johnson to provide him with the photos to buy his freedom. Johnson plans to use the photos to usurp Commissioner Reid, and blackmails Spencer in the process. Carter leaves Spencer with a generous cut of the bonds in exchange for his debt being repaid, and he and June walk off into the sunset.


  • Michael Raymond-James – Carter Jennings
  • Samaire Armstrong – June O’Malley
  • Timothy Omundson – Spencer Rabbit
  • Mayra Leal – Caitlin Jackson
  • Paul Rae – Commissioner Reid
  • James Moses Black - Detective Johnson
  • James Landry Herbert – Jason Twitty
  • Lindsay Musil – Darla Mae Twitty
  • Will Beinbrick – Pastor Lucas Jenks


All filming for Carter and June took place in Louisiana during 2015 and was produced by Sacred Bull Media.


The film was released at cinemas and on VoD in the United States on 18th May 2018, and on VoD in the United Kingdom on 21st May 2018 [5] and for streaming on Amazon Video, iTunes, Direct TV and Google Play simultaneously, via Freestyle Digital Media.


The score for Carter and June was written by Aaron M Olson. For the film, several original pieces were also composed, recorded and performed by Robby Krieger of The Doors.[6]

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