Carta Clara is a Mexican beer brand, originally produced in the state of Yucatan, manufactured by "Cerveceria Yucateca", a local brewery. The beer was owned by Nestor Rubio Apulche, since 1900. In 2021, Grupo Modelo relaunched the iconic Mexican beer.[1][2]

Carta Clara
IndustryFood and beverage


"Cerveceria Yucateca" was opened in 1886 by brewer Jose Maria Ponce.The company produced other beer brands, such as Leon and Leon Negra.[3] In 1900, Rubio Apulche became an associate, and production of Carta Clara began.


Although Carta Clara was not produced for a very long time until Grupo Modelo relaunched it during 2021, its legacy remained around the state of Yucatan: Estadio Carta Clara, also known as Parque Carta Clara, remained open from 1954 to 1981 and was home to a baseball team, the Leones de Yucatan. Meanwhile, the Centro de Espectaculos Carta Clara, also known as Jardin de Espectaculos Carta Clara or simply, as Jardin Carta Clara in Merida,[4] remains open for public events.[5]

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