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Carnival (Russian: Карнавал, romanizedKarnaval) is a 1981 Soviet romantic comedy directed by Tatyana Lioznova.[1][2]

Carnival (1981 film).jpg
Directed byTatyana Lioznova
Written byAnna Rodionova
Music byMaksim Dunayevsky
CinematographyPyotr Kataev
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)
Running time
151 minutes
CountrySoviet Union



In a small southern city lives a young woman, Nina Solomatina, with her mother. Her father left her as a child and moved to Moscow. Dreaming study acting, Nina comes to Moscow, but fails the entrance examinations to the theatrical school. Deciding to try to enter next year, Nina temporarily moves in with her father and his family. Striving to provide for herself, she goes to work, but because of various incidents, she is not able to stay anywhere for a long time. In her personal life, Nina also suffers a fiasco — Muscovite student Nikita very quickly breaks up with her for a new girl. As a result, Nina begins to understand that the big city is not the eternal carnival she imagined it to be, and instead of conquering the world, the main heroine returns to her home — to care of her ill mother.

The film ends on an ambiguous note – Nina Solomatina appears as a famous singer performing at the full hall, it is not clear if all this is real, or just her imagination.



Carnival was the ninth most popular film at the box-office in the Soviet Union in 1982; it was seen by 30,4 million viewers.[3]

In the same year, for her leading performance, Irina Muravyova was recognized as the best actress according to the results of a survey of readers of the magazine Soviet Screen.[4]


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