Carmarthen–Halifax ministry

The first ministry of William III and Mary II involved a precarious and short lived balance between erstwhile opponents Halifax and Carmarthen, as William attempted to balance the Whigs to whom he owed his initial success with the Tories needed to maintain his position.

It was a very unsure period as no one knew if James would come back, or if the people would accept a new king. Ultimately, the ministry collapsed under the weight of attack from Whigs against Halifax, who voluntarily withdrew. Carmarthen remained in power.

The MinistryEdit

First Lord of the Treasury The Earl of Monmouth 1689–1690
Lord Keeper In Commission 1689–1690
Lord President of the Council The Marquess of Carmarthen 1689–1690
Lord Privy Seal The Marquess of Halifax 1689–1690
Lord Steward The Duke of Devonshire 1689–1690
Lord Chamberlain The Earl of Dorset 1689–1690
Master of the Horse Henry Nassau 1689–1690
Southern Secretary The Earl of Shrewsbury 1689–1690
Northern Secretary The Earl of Nottingham 1689–1690
Chancellor of the Exchequer The Lord Delamere 1689–1690
Preceded by Government of England
Succeeded by