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Carlos Troyer

Carlos Troyer, (January 12, 1837 – July 26, 1920) born Charles Troyer, was an American composer known for his musical arrangements of traditional Native American melodies.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, Troyer settled in San Francisco sometime before 1871, where he became known alternatively as a musician, pianist and teacher of music; he began using the name Carlos around 1885. In 1893 he published Two Zuñi Songs, an arrangement of Zuni music. Eventually, his works became further romanticized and ad lib in their style, culminating in his final published piece, Midnight Visit to the Sacred Shrines, a Zuñian Ritual: a Monody for Two Flute-trumpets of High and Low Pitch (Clarinet and Oboe); a Traditional Chant of Melodic Beauty, and Parting Song on Leaving the Shrines, with English and Indian Texts … the Accompaniment may be played on the Piano.

He died in Berkeley, California at the age of 83.

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