Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald Province

The Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald Province is one of 20 provinces of the Ancash Region of Peru. It is named after Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald, the rubber tycoon whose life served as an inspiration behind the 1982 film Fitzcarraldo.

Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald
Flag of Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald
Coat of arms of Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald
Coat of arms
Location of Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald in the Ancash Region
Location of Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald in the Ancash Region
CapitalSan Luis
 • MayorWilder Carlos Fitzcarrald Bravo (2007)
 • Total624 km2 (241 sq mi)
 • Total17,717
 • Density28/km2 (74/sq mi)


One of the highest peaks of the province is Atuq Yakunan at approximately 4,200 m (13,800 ft). Other mountains are listed below:[1]

  • Atuq Wachanqa
  • Chinchu Hirka
  • Hatun Kinwa
  • Hatun Urqun
  • Ichik Kinwa
  • Kuntur Sinqa
  • Khuchi Wachanan
  • Pallqu
  • Phiruru Kancha
  • Qalla Qalla
  • Wachu Qucha
  • Waman
  • Wayra
  • Yana Mayu Hirka

The Yana Mayu ("black river") flows along the northern border of the province.

Political divisionEdit

Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald is divided into 3 districts, which are:

San Luis Wilder Carlos Fitzcarrald Bravo
San Nicolas Damasco Lidio Olortegui Romero
Yauya Antonio Sulpicio Villanueva Castillejo

Ethnic groupsEdit

The people in the province are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent. Quechua is the language which the majority of the population (90.87%) learnt to speak in childhood, 8.65% of the residents started speaking using the Spanish language (2007 Peru Census).[2]

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Coordinates: 9°04′59″S 77°21′00″W / 9.08306°S 77.35000°W / -9.08306; -77.35000