Carl Alberg

Carl Alberg (11 April 1901 – 31 August 1986) [1] was a Swedish born naval architect known for his influence in early fiberglass boats.


An Alberg 30, built in 1966

He moved to the United States in 1925 where he began working as a rigger then later as a spar maker. Alberg was then hired by John Alden as a designer.[2]

His successful career and current fame as a designer however can be linked back to his partnership with Pearson Yachts and early fiberglass yacht construction. Their first collaboration was the Pearson Triton, a 28 foot fiberglass yacht which today is still frequently seen sailing oceans around the world. Alberg later designed several other models for Pearson yachts. He also designed the first model for Bristol yachts.

One of his most famous and popular designs is also one of his earliest, the Alberg 30 which was built by Whitby Boatworks in Canada as a one design club racer. This boat had a record breaking production run of over 750 boats spanning 22 years and proved a good platform for ocean cruising.[3]

Another successful partnership was with Cape Dory Yachts who produced 10 different models designed by Alberg.


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