Caritas Portugal

Caritas Portugal ("Cáritas Portuguesa" in Portugal) is the official Catholic Church organization in Portugal for charity and social relief, instituted by the Portuguese Episcopal Conference.

Caritas Portugal
FounderFernanda Mendes de Almeida Ivens Ferraz Jardim, 1º President (Countess of Valenças)
FocusHumanitarian aid, International development and social service
Area served
Key people
Eugénio José da Cruz Fonseca (President)
Parent organization
WebsiteCaritas Portugal

Caritas Portuguesa was founded in 1945, with its first statutes were approved in 1956.

From the 50s to mid-70s, its activities have focused primarily on the distribution of food by the Portuguese population, donated by the United States and the host by Portuguese families, children from the countries of central Europe in the post World War II and the beginning of the tensions of the Cold War.


Caritas Portugal is a Portuguese confederation of Catholic relief, development and social service organizations operating in Portugal. Caritas Portugal consists of 20 regional member organizations known as diocese

The organization has its national headquarters in Lisbon Portugal, form there it provides general assistance to the regional diocese

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